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Hitler's Nazi Germany: fueled by ... Part 2 of 5

Germany was one of the great empires in Europe, but after the devastating Great War, the First World War that started in 1914 and lasted until November 1918 the German Empire was defeated. The German Republic was proclaimed in November 1918, and the country went through a deep economic crises that led to a destructive hyperinflation and hunger.

In order to restore the economic prosperity so fast and make Nazi Germany a powerful nation the Nazis needed massive amounts of money. Where did this money to fuel the Nazi Party's endeavors came from?

In just 15 years the German Republic went on to become the powerful Nazi Germany after Adolf Hitler legally came to power in 1933 by being appointed Chancellor of Germany. Only to bring death and destruction by starting the second World War a few years later in 1939.

The plan

Who provided the finances? Those with a plan! The ultimate plan was to create the necessary opportunities for the British and the Americans to consolidate their grip on the world specifically in the Middle East, because of their oil. In order to achieve this, they wanted to distract the Russians by heaving a powerful country waging war against them, while they would stay out of the loop, that is the war.

How to get this done? By having a great influence on the internal affairs of a country suitable for the task. It became Germany, for after the Great World War which the German Empire lost, the country was in a deplorable state, economically crippled and there for an suitable target. They wanted to built up Germany into a fascist state as a bulwark against the Russian communism.

The Nazi party was raising money by its own activities as early as 1920, including selling tobacco called Anti-Semit (anti-Semite). Those executing the plan only had to add to the Nazi Party's pocket. One could argue those who fueled Germany were only doing this to help them built up their economy to improver the living standard in the country. In that case why this particular party and why continue when it was already clear years before that they were actually endorsing a fascist group of people, even way into the beginning of WW II?

At the time they didn't realize, or were to greedy and/or possibly afraid of the communist threat to realize the plan could backfire and engulf themselves. Backfire it did! Millions of lives lost!


There was a time, the British seemed to have an eye - at least and especially in their own eyes - for how and where to invest to expand and/or maintain their territories, building up the British Empire in order to accumulate wealth and power. Their plan was about just that, and this time they were after the black gold, oil. To be able to implement it they, whom are people and always do have a name regardless of the fact that their intentions are publicly visible or not, needed sympathizers and financiers.

The British royal family helped to create Hitler's Nazi regime by secretly founding the National Socialist German Workers Party founded in 1919 - by 1920 the party's name was changed into Nazi Party, of which Hitler was party leader since 1921 and which later became his Nazi Party - through Britain's Lord Norman and Montagu and Germany's former Reichsbank president Hjalmar Schacht. The later insured all the major industrialists in Germany would back Hitler and his party. He received support of, besides the British royals, the highest members of the British society including Neville Chamberlin, British press magnate Lord Beaverbrook and the Governor of the Bank of England Norman Montagu. 
Once Hitler took power in Germany in 1933, the Bank of England supplied his regime with plenty of credit and Hitler was even visited in 1934 by Lord Norman Montegu. Hitler awarded Hjalmar Schacht by giving him his former position at the Reichsbank in Nazi Germany.

One of the British royals that supported Hitler was Charles Edward Duke of Saxe-Coburg Gotha, Germany. He was a grandson in the male-line of queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and prince Albert. He was a cousin of queen Elizabeth II of the UK. During WW I he supported the German Empire and became a general in the German army. In 1918 he was forced to abdicate his ducal throne together with all other ruling princes in Germany and the emperor William II to make way for the Weimar Republic in Germany. He lost his British title of Prince and Royal Highness and all honors in 1919, while his sister princess Alice of the UK retained hers. He joined the Nazi Party in 1935 and became a member of the SA, the paramilitary storm troopers of the Nazi Party. He represented the Nazi Party as a member of the Reichstag from 1937 to 1945. As president of the German Red Cross he nominated Ernst-Robert Grawitz as head of operations and later in 1945 Karl Gelhardt to replace him. Both were found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity after WW II. So it's very unlikely Charles Edward didn't know of the medical experiments in concentration camps on mental patients known as Action T4. After the war he was imprisoned and later he was sentenced by a de-nazification court. He was heavily fined and almost bankrupt. Charles Edward was nicknamed “Hitler's favorite royal”.

King Edward VIII of the House of Windsor, United Kingdom - on paternal side the Windsors descent from the German royal family Saxe-Coburg Gotha of the House of Wettin the Enerstine line, not the Albertine line. - for nearly one year in 1936, sympathized with the Nazis. After he abdicated because as the British government brought forward in the media: his poor choice of wife, he went as the Duke of Windsor with his wife to Nazi Germany. Once there the Duke gave full Nazi salutes and showed publicly he supported Hitler, who received him with all honors and made sure his visit was much publicized by his media and propaganda machine. At the time of the occupation of France, the Duke asked the Nazis to place guards at his Paris and Riviera homes, while he himself fled to live elsewhere in Europe with his wife. The Nazis did so.

This "friendship" paved the way for Hitler to send his deputy in his Nazi Party Rudolf Hess to fly to Scotland  hoping to negotiate a peace with the British royals? At that time the royals were not in control of the state, and Hess was captured and sentenced to life imprisoned where he eventually committed suicide. Historians suggested that Hitler even contemplated the idea of reinstating the Duke of Windsor as king of the UK. Hitler considered his abdication as a loss for the Nazis for future relations with the UK.

It was publicly known that the Duke of Windsor was contemptuous of the non-white peoples of the British Empire, so just the same for those of other nations. A trade still visible in the Windsor family, even down to sympathy with the Nazis after all the shameless atrocities they caused in still recent history. To this day there are British royals even of their younger generation whom sympathize publicly with Nazism and it's racist ideology. For example prince Harry who in January 2005 attended a costume party of a friend in Wiltshire wearing a Nazi German Africa uniform with a swastika armband. Chocking! For many British citizens and soldiers died directly at the hands of the Nazis in the war. He apologized through a spokesman. In 2009 he made remarks to his fellow military cadets that were considered racist and unacceptable. Again he apologized. His brother prince William didn't seem to mind sharing his wedding date with that of Adolf Hitler, the 29th of April. Ever seen any British royal, even with all those non-Aryan territories and peoples living in the UK, say a prince marry some one with another skin color than their own? ;-) 
That goes for all European monarchies.

With such sympathizers and supporters new ones came. The international bankers, including German bankers, and the money continued to pour in for the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler.


The 1920s, the Roaring Twenties, the decade of wealth and excess in the United States after WO I, more than enough to satisfy Goldfinger's obsession and appetite for gold. The time that at the Stock Exchange Market in Wall Street the sky was the limit and bankers including international bankers made millions in profits. The Wall Street crash didn't happen until 1929, in the mean time the bankers profit had to be reinvested.

The international bankers purchased Germany's industries, they had mortgages on German soil, they controlled the production and the public utilities, and they supplied the money Hitler needed for his campaign against the German government of Bruening who didn't always wanted to obey the orders of the international German bankers. And the German international bankers subsidized the government of Germany.
Through the American Federal Reserve Board billions of American dollars has been pumped into Hitler's Nazi Germany enabling him to build up tremendous power.

Economic restoration

After Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party, came to power they restored the economy and put an end to unemployment, by investing massively in the military while suppressing labor unions and strikes. The Nazis obtained enormous popularity amongst the Germans because of the economic prosperity. The Party took control of essential organizations in society such as the courts, local governments, and all civic organizations except the Protestant and Catholic churches. Meanwhile the Gestapo, the secret state police, took care of the political and social opposition while persecuting the Jews and seizing all their property.

The racial social policy the Nazis introduced targeting the non-Aryan population of Germany benefited the Aryan Germans. In 1930, they started construction of ghettos to segregate the non-Aryans from the German society, and by the time it was 1933 they built the first concentration camp being Dachau. After the 1942 Wannsee Conference in Berlin the concentration camps became extermination camps to execute what the Nazis called "The Final Solution to the Jewish Question", which was extermination.

The Nazis were so 'devoted' to their objective and task of "maintaining the purity of the German Master race" as the Nazi propagandists put it, which ultimately led to the murder of millions of people, including about six million Jews, hundreds of thousand Roman (Gypsies), physical and psychological disabled people, Jehovah's Witnesses etcetera.

Could it be, this British and American support for Hitler and Nazi Germany was one of the real reasons that initially nothing was done against Hitler and his Nazi Party, even when was known years before the start of the war itself that they were already committing genocide, crimes against humanity by ill-treatment and murdering the Jewish people whom were also German nationals themselves? It's also interesting to notice that the plan came into effect after the British royals legally broke their ties with the monarchy in Germany where they on paternal side come from by changing their name from Saxe-Coburg Gotha into Windsor in 1917 because of the anti-German sentiment during WW I. Plans are made a long time in advance, aren't they?

But, the plan for their world domination by manipulating other nations and their peoples ultimately backfired on those who created and financially fueled Hitler and his Nazi Germany, because what they initiated through him led to the second World War, WW II, that devastated the West and later to the Cold War that lasted decades. 

A thank you, to those who despite everything didn't get nor allow themselves to be seduced and corrupted by money and power, who with a honest heart fought evil and to this day still fights it and the systems used by evil, but put in place and used by people of all different social class whom by loosing their integrity to evil has an insatiable thirst for money, power, and for bloodshed.


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