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Israel's boarders through ages:kingdoms and empires, maps part 1 of 7 - Jewish merchants

Radhanites trade routes

Jewish merchants known as Radhanites also traded through the Silk Road between the Christian and Islamic worlds during the Early Middle Ages from c. 500 to 1000 CE. Historically most trade between Europe and East Asia had been conducted via Persian and Central Asian intermediaries traveling over the ... trade routes.

Trans Asia trade routes 1st century, source: Wikipedia

The Radhanites were among the first ones to establish a trade network stretching from Western Europe to Eastern Asia while engaging themselves in regularly trading over an extended period of time. They functioned as neutral merchants in-between Christian Europe, the Middle East and North Africa whom often banned each others merchants from entering their ports and raided each others shipping. The Jewish merchants enjoyed significant privileges as in France and through out the Muslim World as a result of the revenues they brought in.
Radhanites trade routes in blue, source: Wikipedia

The Radhanites are mentioned in the Book of Roads and Kingdoms written by Abu'l Qasim UbaidÁllah ibn Khordadbehprobably around 870 CE. He was Director of Posts and Police for the Jibal provinceunder the Abbasid Caliph al-Mu'tamid (ruled 869-885 CE). He described the Radhanites as being sophisticated an multilingual trading over four main trade routes, all starting in the Rhône Valley in southern France and ending on the China's east coast. They traded in several goods, such as spices, perfumes, jewelery, silk oils, incense, steel weapons, furs and slaves. 

Today trade routes such as the Silk Road still exist, all be it more for the purpose of tourism. Nation-states have other routes and means to trade their goods nowadays.

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