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Israel's boarders through ages: maps, kingdoms and empires part 2 of 7 - Hittite

Hittite Empire (c.1600-1178 BCE)

The Hittites are mentioned in several passages starting from Genesis in biblical scripture. Genesis 10 links them to Ham's son Canaan through their ancestor Heth, so they were counted under the Canaanites. They were usually depicted as people living among the Israelites – Abraham purchased the Patriarchal burial-plot of Machpelah from a Hittite, and Hittites served as high ranking officers in David's army - but also as people with their own kingdoms - 2 Kings 7:6 - located outside the geographic Canaan and powerful enough to fight a Syrian army.

The Hittites, an ancient Anatolian people, established an empire at Hattusa in norht-central Anatolia around 1600 BCE, which reached its height under Suppiluliuma I during the mid 14th century BCE. The empire ruled over most of Asia Minor, modern-day Turkey, parts of the northern
East-Mediterranean coast and Upper Mesopotamia. The empire came to an end after c. 1180 BCE, while splintering into several independent city-states during the Bronze Age at the time of the arrival of the Sea Peoples. Some of these city-states survived until the 8th century BCE.
The history of the Hittite civilization is known through cuneiform texts found in the area of the Hettite kingdom, diplomatic and commercial correspondence found in Egypt's archives, and such archives found in the Middle East. But, whether these Hittites were the people referred to in biblical scripture as the Hittites or other peoples is still a mater of considerable debate amongst scholars.

The descendants of Abraham's grandson Jacob, son of Isaac, would become the tribes of Israel that would conquer and inhabit the Land of Israel in the Promised Land for ages, after which they would be exiled only to return centuries later to establish the State of Israel in our modern-day, all as prophesied centuries earlier. Canaan, would ultimately be succeeded by the Land of Israel.

The Israeli Era: the conquest of Canaan and the Israeli kingdoms

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