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David and Saul: father and son's reconciliation! - David hunted

David hunted
David had just left after King Saul tried to kill him for the second time with a spear - 1 Samuel 19:8-10 - and fled to Rama after his wife Michal warned him about her father and got him out of their house through the window so Saul's soldiers couldn't get him, 1 Samuel 19:11-17. Saul give her to be a wife to Paltie, but later David - he already had two more wives, 1 Samuel 25 - claimed her back, 2 Samuel 3:13-16.

David went to Samuel in the house of the prophets in Rama, but he had to leave because Saul himself came there searching for him, 1 Samuel 19:18-24. So he went to see Jonathan, after he left Rama,1 Samuel 20. King Saul nearly killed his son with a spear because he was defending David. Saul set up a trap meant to capture David when he sat at his table during the festivities of new moon, 1 Samuel 20:24-29, but David didn't go. After what happened Jonathan was convinced his father wanted to capture David, and kill him. David flees, and hide, 1 Samuel 21, 22, after Jonathan made clear to him his father really wants to kill him. When Saul went to look for him in the desert, Jonathan went to see David again, 1 Samuel 27:16-18. That would be the last time they met.

David went afterwards to the priest Ahimelek in Nob - 1 Samuel 21 - whom he tells that he is on a secret mission for the king. Even though David was unarmed, Ahimelek trembled when he saw him. King Saul ordered his Edomite servant who saw David with Ahimelek, after his own officials didn't dare to kill the priests of the Lord, to kill Ahimelek, the priests of Nob and to attack and kill many in the town of Nob - 1 Samuel 22 - for he perceived them as siding with David against him because they helped David by giving him provisions being consecrated bread and the sword of Goliath that was kept there.

Of the priest's from Nob only Ahimelek's son Abiathar escaped - much later he will resume his work as a priest, 2 Samuel 15:25-29 - and went to David in the hills, where he was hiding with the six hundred men in total including his family who joined him, 1 Samuel 22, 23 and 23:13, 1 Chronicles 12:17-20. David tells him to stay with him to be safe. David and his men at one time nearly lost their families, 1 Samuel 30. Although before that happened David did bring his parents to the king of Moab to stay there for as long as he was hiding. Saul with his men were relentlessly searching to find David, 1 Samuel 23, verse 1 and 14 to 15.

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