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David and Joab: wisdom and justice!

… May the Lord punish these criminals as they deserve!
2 Samuel 3:39 (GNT)

Words spoken by King David over the commander of his army, Joab. Why? And did the Almighty Father bring justice about? Who was this Joab? He was ...

... one of the three sons of Zeruiah whom was David's sister, 2 Samuel 2:18. Joab and his brothers Abishai and Asahel joined David when he was in hiding, 1 Samuel 22:1-2. Joab became a high ranking officer, commander of Judah's army and later of Israel's army under King David - 2 Samuel 20:25 - while his brothers also joined the military. Joab was mentioned in the list of David's hero's2 Samuel 23:37 - but at a lower position then his brother Abishai whom fought side by side with David against the giants - 2 Samuel 21:15-22 and 23: 18 - although Joab did hold a higher position than him over David's troops. Joab was also became a man of means as 2 Samuel 14:30 speaks of his land where he was growing barley.

Even though the sons of Zeruiah were close to David, this didn't mean he always followed their advise. In the case of David having the chance to kill King Saul for example, he didn't follow their advise, 1 Samuel 24:5-8 and 26:7-11. Nor did he in both occasions in the case of dealing with Saul's relative Shimei - 2 Samuel 16:9-10 and 19:22-24 - whom was cursing David the day he had to flee Jerusalem because of his son Absalom's attempt to rise to power, which by the way was halted through battle. 

David was well aware of the fact that the son's of Zeruiah were causing him trouble as he himself said in two occasions, 2 Samuel 16:9-10 and 19:21-22 (GNB),

9 Abishai, whose mother was Zeruiah, said to the king, Your Majesty, why do you let this dog curse you? Let me go over there and cut off his head! 10 This is none of your business, the king said to Abishai and his brother Joab. If he curses me because the Lord told him to, who has the right to ask why he does it?

21 Abishai son of Zeruiah spoke up: Shimei should be put to death because he cursed the one whom the Lord chose as king. 22 But David said to Abishai and his brother Joab, Who asked your opinion? Are you going to give me trouble? I am the one who is king of Israel now, and no Israelite will be put to death today.

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