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David and Joab: wisdom and justice! - Killing Abner

Joab first crime: Abner

Battle sons of Zeruiah, with Joab as the commander of King David's military troops and their men against Abner the son of Ner commander of Israel's troops and his men. They were on King David, then king over Judah. They lost their brother Asael by he lance of Abner, even though initially Abner didn't want to kill Asahel because he wouldn't have wanted to face his brother Joab - 2 Samuel 2:17-22 - but Asahel, fast runner, didn't stop chasing him during the battle. Abner was the commander of King Ishbosheth's army of Israel, a son of Saul whom Abner made king over Israel - 2 Samuel 2:8-10 - while the tribe of Judah remained faithful to David whom they made their king, 2 Samuel 2:1-7. Before him, Abner served King Saul as such, 1 Samuel 26:13-16

2 Samuel 2:12-32 narrates the battle between Joab and Abner, which ended in the death of 19 of Joab's men in addition to his brother Asahel whom they buried in the family tomb at Bethlehem and 360 of Abner's men. The battle between the forces supporting King David and those in support of Saul's family went on for a long time - 2 Samuel 3:1 - as David became stronger because the Almighty God was with him - 1 Chronicles 11:9 - while his opponents became weaker. But, didn't the Almighty God want David to be the king of the whole of Israel and not only of Judah?

Abner gained more power by the day amongst the followers of Saul and after an argument with Ishbosheth - 2 Samuel 3:6-8 - he started to play a key role into gathering the rest of Israel under David's leadership, 2 Samuel 3:9-11. Abner exchanged messages with David about making an agreement with him, and David agreed to speak with Abner under the condition that he would bring David's first wife, Michal the daughter of Saul, to him when he came to discus the terms of the agreement. So did Abner and David received him at Hebron from where he ruled and gave a feast for him and his twenty men while giving him a guarantee for safety, 2 Samuel 3:12-16. Before Abner went to see David, he had talks to formulate the agreement with the leadership of the tribe of Benjamin and the rest of Israel - 2 Samuel 3:17-19 - whom wanted David as their king all along. 

The only problem was, Joab didn't agree with Abner having talks with David about the subject because he didn't trust him - 2 Samuel 3:23-25 - and he wanted revenge for him killing his brother, 2 Samuel 2:23. Joab wanted things to go his way, so he arranged a way to meet Abner privately and he killed him - 2 Samuel 3:2726-27 - without David's knowledge. Abner did kill Asahel, after warning him a couple of times, in battle. But, Joab murdered Abner as he killed him at a time of peace not in battle.

The Almighty Father waits for the right time to punish his enemies!

35 It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; Deuteronomy 32:35 (NIV)

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