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David and Joab: wisdom and justice! - David's reaction

David's reaction to Joab's crime.

David's reaction to Joab's action? David said that he and his subjects were completely innocent - 2 Samuel 3:28 - and spoke of punishment that could come over Joab and his family. He ordered Joab and his men to mourn, while at Abner's funeral David himself in mourning walked behind his coffin, and sang a song of lament for Abner whom he called a great leader of in Israel. All David's people and those of Israel understood he didn't have any part in the killing of Abner, 2 Samuel 3:31-38

But, if David had nothing to do with the death of Abner, what did he as the king of Judah do to punish the killer Joab? The man that confronted and fought the giant Goliath leaving him headless surely had the courage and power to deal with Joab himself. King David did … nothing! He didn't even confront him. But, he did sent up a prayer. Now, was David all of a sudden a coward, or was this a wise decision?

This is what David had to say on this Matter, 2 Samuel 3:39 (NIV),
39 And today, though I am the anointed king, I am weak, and these sons of Zeruiah are too strong for me. May the Lord repay the evildoer according to his evil deeds!”

So, David even though he was king of Judah, he felt week and unable to deal with Joab the commander of his army. He left it to God to deal with Joab. He had faith that justice will be done in time by the Almighty himself. At that time a wise decision for Joab in his position over the military, did have some weight in Judah. Remember even Abner had rather not face him, 2 Samuel 2:17-22. And as a family member in his position he like wise must have had considerable influence.

David's trusted men considered him to be the lamp of Israel that should not be extinguished, 2 Samuel 21:17(NIV). And, it was said about King David that he was as wise as the angel of God and knows everything that happens, 2 Samuel 14:20. But, was it wisdom that he left the punishment of Joab up to the Almighty Father? At the time this decision was wise. Events later in time would assert how Joab would not stop to nothing to get things going his way.

And, justice? That did come about later, much later after David's death even.

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