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David and Absalom: from betrayal to victory by grace! - Reconciliation

Absalom returns

Absalom's returned to Israel, Jerusalem with the help of Joab - 2 Samuel 14:1-24 – who knew David missed Absalom very much, 2 Samuel 14:1. David allowed him to return but he didn't want him to live in the palace and he didn't appear before the king, 2 Samuel 14:24. So, he lived in his own house in Jerusalem.

Absalom lived two years in Jerusalem without seeing David – 2 Samuel 14:28 – and then he asked Joab to arrange for him to see the king, 2 Samuel 14:25-33. When he did this he made the mistake of crossing Joab who became very angry with him – 2 Samuel 14:29-31 – that was possibly one of the reasons for the way Joab dealt with Absalom later.

... 29 Then he sent for Joab, to ask him to go to the king for him; but Joab would not come. Again Absalom sent for him, and again Joab refused to come. 30 So Absalom said to his servants, “Look, Joab's field is next to mine, and it has barley growing in it. Go and set fire to it.” So they went and set the field on fire.
31 Joab went to Absalom's house and demanded, “Why did your servants set fire to my field?”
2 Samuel 14:25-31

David and Absalom reconciled, with Absalom appearing before King David where he bowed down to the ground and David kissed him 2 Samuel 14: 32-33 (GNT),
33 So Joab went to King David and told him what Absalom had said. The king sent for Absalom, who went to him and bowed down to the ground in front of him. The king welcomed him with a kiss.

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