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King David - The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle

King David brought the Tabernacle with the Ark of the covenant to Jerusalem, 2 Samuel 6:13-23:
14 Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the LORD with all his might, 
15 while he and all Israel were bringing up the ark of the LORD with shouts and the sound of trumpets. ...

17 They brought the ark of the LORD and set it in its place inside the tent that David had pitched for it,  and David sacrificed burnt offerings and fellowship offerings before the LORD.
18 After he had finished sacrificing the burnt offerings and fellowship offerings, he blessed the people in the name of the LORD Almighty. ...
21 I will celebrate before the LORD. ...

And he stationed musicians and singers for God's Tabernacle, also called the Tabernacle of David, 1 Kings 6:16-17, 1 Chronicles 15, 16, 25.

25 He stationed the Levites in the temple of the LORD with cymbals,
harps and lyres in the way prescribed by David
and Gad the king's seer and Nathan the prophet; this was commanded by the LORD through his prophets. 
26 So the Levites stood ready with David's instruments, and the priests with their trumpets. ...

2 Chronicles 29:25-30

This passage shows that for God the Father music that honers him is important to him. He loves it.

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