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Music - Rock'n Roll?

Rock'n Roll

" ... that Rock'n Roll is an art form by itself. It's as good as classical music, it's as good as opera, it's just different, and it stands by itself. The drugs scene stole it. ..."

The most sensible and inspiring words ever said about mainstream Rock'n Roll, spoken by a mainstream rock artist who has been going strong for decades, has set records and has proven himself with his outstanding career his words to be true. Sir Cliff Richards, EMI, in an interview with Ivo Niehe, Tros TV Show Dutch Television 1995.

Starfield is a Canadian Christian rock band of the two brothers John and Tim Neufeld with Tim as lead singer. The lyric of their song My Generation is being used on this website with their permission. More about this band: Strarfield. Interview with the band - watch it here (video time: 2:42:00) - for a few wise words of Tim Neufeld about growing closer to God and feeling his presence. Words which by God's grace played a part in focusing my attention on this band in the first place.

In 2012 Starfield released an independent album called The Kingdom,
Starfield Official Music Video 2012: ♫ The Kingdom
and 2011 life performance The Kingdom

Starfield concert EO-Jongerendag 2008 (video time: 1:55:48)

Starfield songs:
Glory is rising My Generation
The Lovliest Song

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