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Food & Electronics: dangerous and deadly!

Our food supply is killing us! From Monsanto corn, meet of cloned animals to toxic additives. On top of that we have to deal with the dangers of consumer electronics especially to children.   

We spend last ...

... Christmas holiday, just like that of the year before, at a bungalow park located in natural surroundings. The bungalow accommodation had all we needed to realize a homey feel and the park provided plenty of recreational activities both in- as outdoors. When it comes to food, there were restaurants on the premises, and a small but adequate supermarket providing the essentials you need for cooking if you would choose to do so, and a variety of non-food products. Although we always like to take some groceries with us, we also purchase things we need at the park.  

Delicious self made pancakes are a favourite of our family, so we wanted to ad them to our gourmet meal. Just basic stuff to make with flour, that we wanted to by at the supermarket. Imagine our astonishment when we found out that there was no flour, that is basic ingredient for cooking and backing, available at the well supplied supermarket. It wasn't that they didn't have anything to make pancakes, no, the supermarket offered plenty of choice in ready made mixtures to make pancakes. The problem was, that these were not additives (e-number) free. Because we prefer our food to be as natural, toxic additives free as possible, the pancakes were of the menu. 

Back home I suddenly realized something. Suppose our regular supermarkets in the neighbourhood didn't sell flour any more. No self made bread, cookies, pies, cakes, pancakes and so on, for which besides flour also other basic ingredients are needed.

What would we have to eat?
Food that already for decades is available which is full of toxic additives, named by e-numbers - not all e-numbers are toxic and/or synthetic substances, for instance vitamin C - to colour, to sweeten, to create or enhance (?) taste, to preserve food and for so many other reasons, while combining these substances in certain products makes them even more dangerous. Food that is sometimes synthetic and there fore loses its usually natural substance, such as synthetic meet, made to fool people into believing they are eating real meat. But also meat that is of cloned animals. Food that is genetically manipulated such as the Monsanto corn, a basic ingredient for many product. Meanwhile like in this cases they gain ownership on the raw, be it altered, natural resource by obtaining patents controlling the food supply straight from its source. Food that also triggers people into consuming more even causing addiction. Remember the tobacco industry (non-food). The power of habit and addiction leads to poor health and death!

There are more than a thousand additives, added to especially processed food and to medication, which several researchers consider to be toxic because of the health risks they cause. Two of the worst additives in therms of health problems that is added to thousands of products are aspartame (E 951) for sweetness - including to medication and vitamin products - and mono sodium glutamate (MSG, E621) added to salty food. Both part of the family of substances that causes excitotoxicity – they are cancerous and they damage the central nerves system - that in turn causes numerous health problems. Aspartame is known to cause a very long list of diseases such as skin irritation, brain tumours, depression, miscarriages, memory loss, head aches, dementia, diabetes, Alzheimers disease etcetera. MSG gives people an urge to eat more and it has been adding considerably to the obesity pandemic in the USA and elsewhere. 
Yes, there are contradicting scientific results, but this should be no excuse. One look at the state of affairs in society concerning people suffering from diseases like obesity and allergies alone should be a reason to change course concerning the toxic additives in the food supply. The combination of 'sweet misery' and the 'taste that kills' only enhances each others effect and makes matters worse.

Often new and controversial ingredients to products in the food chain, aren't labeled as such on the products. Giving no choice to the consumer or at least making it difficult to chose what to eat. An example being the early mentioned corn and meat of cloned animals both already available on the food market in the US. But, all these also result in making the products in the food chain and the medication chain cheaper to consumers and more lucrative to those in the food producing and the pharmaceutical business. 

Who is to blame?
The consumer public, the government, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the marketing business? All are in part responsible, but in this case there are just to many excuses, with two of the often used excuses. One, its all about the concentration of the used substances. In other words a small concentration of the used additives can't hurt. Second, the consumer himself is responsible for his consumption, that is for purchasing the products. But, is this completely true? The answer is no. Those who produce and ad the toxic additives are the ones more knowledgeable and there fore they carry the heaviest responsibility. What you can't buy, you can't eat! As for the concentration of the used substances, all this stuff is so abundantly wide spread in the food and medication supply of both humans and the animals we eat, that it's virtually impossible not to digest to much of it. Unless you try to avoid it as much as possible. But, to many the food is made so delicious and addictive, while products are presented so tempting and sometimes seductive even, that consumers would be foolish not to purchase them. The must have food! The indispensable medication! And once at it, it's to some virtually impossible to quit. Leading to these consumers excuse, "Its delicious, and it doesn't kill me". Well it does, only slowly and painfully!

This is not all. Ad the influence of the damaging non-food products such as for example the consumer electronics. Technology created and designed to either solve peoples daily problems or ease their lives. A must have gadget as the mobile phone that according to research does damage the brain - the use of wireless network and tablets also give reasons for concern - of especially children and teenagers. How will the youth of today - a group also threatened by brain damaging alcohol and drugs use/abuse - exposed to such toxic consumer goods years before reaching adulthood, be like as grown ups in the future? All growing up, living under a deathly cloud of toxic consumer products including brain damaging food and non-food combined with a polluted environment, an excessive use of medication and a visible less than perfect health care system. What kind of society are we and will we be living in?

But, today we live to be a hundred years. Do we? Isn't it a very small percentage of the world's population that actually does this? World wide people are more likely to die of diseases - old or new ones - hunger, war, accidents, criminality and so fort then live to be a hundred. Even in developed countries despite all the available health care there is a greater chance of death at a more younger age than at hundred. By the way even if most people did live to be a hundred, would they all with the acquire brain damage be sound of mind? 

What to do?
Eject the toxic processed food, back and cook your own food and rather pay more for natural non-genetically-altered food. Budget wise it may cost more, but your get it back by avoiding unnecessary health risk and the medical bills that would other wise come with that. You do these one week and you'll already notice the difference. By the way ditching the wire less network at home and the mobile phone, if not reduce this phone's use, would ad to ones personal well being.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have kosher, natural, non-patent and toxic additive free food? Food at home, in the restaurants, the bakery, the supermarket, the hotels, the candy and chocolate shop, the ice cream parlour, the tearoom, in the school's and university's canteen and so on. And in addition have a central organization with a constant presence on the inter net set out to inform and educate, giving easy accessible honest information to the public based on well done reliable research.

I hope the following biblical massage also applies to this topic.
6 Here on Mount Zion the Lord Almighty will prepare a banquet for all the nations of the world—a banquet of the richest food and the finest wine. 7 Here he will suddenly remove the cloud of sorrow that has been hanging over  a l l  the nations. Isaiah 25:6-7 (GNT)

God bless you,

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More information on a basic ingredient to consumer electronics: electromagnetic radiation, that is energy waves with electrical and magnetic properties that travels through the vacuum of space (video about 34 min.): SienceAtNASA:Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

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