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The Holocaust was and is more than personal grief!

The Holocaust, an evil master plan meant to eradicate, exterminate the Jewish people. The Holocaust should not be reduced only to people's personal war experiences in general while ignoring the way it was planned, supported and executed. The Holocaust, referred to by Jewish people as the Shoah was ...

… a genocide which caused the death of at least six million Jewish people. Even though most people know about this through history lessons at school and popular films, what you often don't hear about is how the Nazis got this done. That is, in which way and supported by whom.

The Jews were systematically targeted, labeled, isolated in ghettos, imprisoned in concentration and extermination camps, where they were used, abused and eventually murdered in an attempt to exterminate them.

While they were even deprived by the British authorities whom had a mandate over Palestine, of fleeing to their homeland which was already being established in the territory of Palestine and most countries in the world virtually denied them a save haven.

Meanwhile Hitler, his Nazi regime and those who supported it were robbing the Jews of everything and destroying their landmarks, all in an attempt to erase the fact that they even existed and lived in Europe. And in what was meant to be their homeland, Israel, they were less and less welcome, until war on them also broke out over there.

The Holocaust wasn't only about inflicting pain and / or murdering innocent people. The magnitude of it is impossible to be made visible only by the personal experiences of people as tragic and traumatic as they are. For the actions of the Nazi regime were meticulously planned down to the last details, methodically implemented in such a massive scale that a multitude of millions of innocent people were murdered in such a short period of time starting shortly before and during the Second World War. How many years of planning did it take to conceive such an evil master plan before implementing it? And by whom?

Its a combination of all of the above that makes the Holocaust such a horrific act. One that should be remembered but not denied by it being marginalized, trivialized, rejected, ignored, replaced, or used en reverse on the Jewish people concerning the Arab peoples, nor abused in any way for all sorts of purposes by any one.

Remembrance is beside all the formal and informal events also a matter of education to all, a lesson in history that should be taught again and again to prevent it from happening again.

History doesn't repeat itself, it's people repeating the same actions for gain.


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