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And yet, Hitler failed! - Bones to life

Bones to life

But then, Ezekiel 37 verse 1 to 14 (NIV) came to pass, ... 11 God said to me,
Mortal man, the people of Israel are like these bones. They say that they are dried up, without any hope and with no future. 12 So prophesy to my people Israel and tell them that I, the Sovereign Lord, am going to open their graves. I am going to take them out and bring them back to the land of Israel.13 When I open the graves where my people are buried and bring them out, they will know that I am the Lord.
14 I will put my breath in them, bring them back to life, and let them live in their own land. Then they will know that I am the Lord. I have promised that I would do this—and I will. I, the Lord, have spoken.

Not all of the 10,3 million Jews were murdered, but 6 million. Not the Third Reich was firmly established, but the State of Israel in its own land of Israel.
So the Israelites do have a future. Hitler did not achieve his goals, his dream was shattered. He failed, because the God of Israel kept the promise he gave more than 2000 years ago. Zechariah chapter 8 verse 1 to 13 also speaks of God's promise. Which tells the Israelites to have courage and not to be afraid.

The stories of those who survived the holocaust are also a source of inspiration, of comfort and of hope for many to this day. Even that of non-Jews who saved Jewish people during the holocaust at personal risk. Some are honored by the State of Israel as "Righteous among the Nations," like the Dutch Christian Corrie ten Boom whom with her family and friends saved the lives of hundreds of Jewish people. The Nazis imprisoned them, and send her to the concentration camp Ravensbruck which she, unlike her dear sister Betsie, survived.

What does the Nazis themselves have to say about the number of the Jewish people they systematically murdered? The Nazi Adolf Eichmann, who had the wartime reputation as a specialist in logistics regarding the expatriation, expropriation and deportation of Jewish people to ghettos and extermination camps, did have something to say about this. After the second World War he fled to Argentine where he lived for a while and where from 1956 to 1960 he was interviewed on several occasions by Sassen a Dutch Nazi who was a member of the Waffen-SS. 

Eichmann said, talking to some one who held the same Nazi ideology as he did in this uncensored interview: "If 10,3 million of these opponents were killed, then we would have fulfilled our task." So to him, he and the Nazis failed to achieve what they really wanted concerning the Jews. Later the tapes of these interviews were used at his trial in Jerusalem, Israel. He was tracked down in Argentine by the Nazi hunter and death camp survivor Simon Wiesenthal, who once said: "I want people to know the Nazis weren't able to kill millions of people and get away with it!"
Eichmann was captured by the Israelis, the Mossad. After his trial, he was imprisoned and later executed by hanging in 1962.

So that was it then. Or is there more? What comes next for Israel and the Israelites in our time? We hear rumors of war in the Middle East every day. The Gog Magog war, Armageddon will start soon? By the way I believe these two wars are the same. [When it is about the outcome of this war, compare Ezekiel 39:4, 17-20 with Revelation 19:17, 18. When it is about the devastating earthquake that will take place, compare Ezekiel 38:20, 21 with Revelation 16:18-21.] But I will not elaborate more on this now.

Will Yeshua Messiah reveal himself soon as written in Daniel 7:13-14 and Revelation 19:11-15?

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