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Skyfall: great expectations 2012 and beyond?! - Sience

Sense and nonsense

In the field of science there seems to be several important scientific breakthroughs lately leading to high expectations under the scientific community and the general public as a whole. As if for some reason certain people are trying to alter the laws of natural science. Such as in physics with neutrinos - a particle with virtually no mass, no energy and which it seems doesn't interact with normal matter - going faster than the speed of light. How faster? Sixty n a n o seconds. Wow! That is a big difference. Actually, you go from an hour to minutes to seconds, and then you have milliseconds, micro seconds, n a n o seconds, picoseconds ...  

Despite the many potential sources of errors, this finding is presented as ground breaking. And other scientists are invited in to check the results. So, their attention will be captivated for a while by checking out these findings, while using up their limited including financial resources. Instead of being busy with research that actually would really matter to mankind. Well, I prefer to believe Einstein's relativity theory, a fundamental principal in physics, that light is the fastest. So,  E=mc2 (energy equals mass times the speed of light square) one of the best known formula of this theory, still stands!
: Nature, March the 16th 2012: Neutrinos not faster than light!

Biology: genetics
In the field of biology, genetics we have Greg Venter of the Greg Venter Institution in the USA fooling people into believing that he can create artificial life and in doing so that they would be able to cure several illnesses including cancer. Notice that this same excuse is being used over and over again when some scientists are tempering with human DNA while doing their research! By the way according to some people this particular illness is already curable but the information is kept from the general public for reasons of profit. Which is probable considering the following question. How come there is so much illness and health problems both physical as psychological   in the relatively rich western societies where for decades we have such advanced medical knowledge, technical capabilities and plenty of food and drinking water resources?!

But, what about the claims of Mr Venter concerning artificial life? Well, the only thing he and his team are doing is to corrupt living cells of organisms by introducing DNA, whether manufactured or not, into a cell while the cell retains all of its micro 'mechanics' which does the rest of the work. This is a technology that can be used to make all sorts of damaging stuff to people. Couldn't this combined with the existing means of accessing the female seed be a danger by making that which could only be destructive to humanity?

Scientific discoveries aren't always immediately announced to and accessible for the general public, while in the mean time the scientist continue to develop their project based on the breakthrough they achieved. This is often the case when it's the military and/or powerful private corporates whom are paying for the research. All top secret! So, by the time they do announce their discoveries to the public, they already did extensive testing and developed useful and sometimes harmful applications based on the original results of their research.

How else would these scientists, researchers be so well financed to work on such expensive projects? An example of this is the stealth technology which has also been used on planes to this day, and as we now know even on helicopters. By the time we knew about these they have been flying around for a while. Weren't they noticed? Plenty of UFO's, unidentified flying objects, flying around above our heads. How many of such surprises do these people have for us in the future? As for Mr Venter's Institution, how come it's so well financed? Is it his charm?!

What is next?

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