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Skyfall: great expectations 2012 and beyond?! - Colours and symbols!

Colours, one eye, obelisks ... the occult

Symbols and colours are of importance to secret societies such as the Freemasons where most of the rich elite gather. The colour white, except for the traditional use of it by which it stands for purity, has been fashionable for a while. Colours that these last couple of years are very much on display on inter net websites and in the media such as television, in films and series, in the entertainment business and very much seen as the colour of clothes people are wearing are black, red, sometimes silver and combination of these especially the first two. And even their website, just as the decors of television programs and artist's gigs are also mainly in these colours.

Most celebrities, presenters on television, politicians, royals and artists - sadly also Christian artists, maybe out of ignorance - wears red and/or black clothes and have their hair done, styled in these colours. The British royals, and other European royals, are also loving it: prince William's photo on the cover of Hello! magazine February 2010, as Sky News reports. Several members of the public in general do the same, even on hot summer days. Even children walk around all in black and red just like their parents. There are of course those who wear these colours while being ignorant of the massage others, in secret societies and those who are busy with the occult practice send by wearing or using them. Several restaurants and shops in the city center became darker and darker inside, for example with black ceilings, the last couple of years. The same goes for the buildings, example of a famous one: the British Prime Ministers residence Downing street 10 / Number 10 is painted black. By the way which are the synthetic and/or natural substances used for colouring? For example synthetic dyes do have health risks

Now, the colour black absorbs sun rays and retains the heat, so it isn't advisable to were it on a hot day. A person would normally be sweating even more. And if this isn't the case; how come? So, way do people do this anyway? There choice to be part of what ever it is those practicing the occult and certain secret societies are busy with. Isn't making a statement about their believes and with that their expectations in life for now and the future, the reason for these people to wear these colours?

Another thing is that this colour display seems to go hand in hand with symbolism in for example jewelry. An often used symbol is that of the one eye, all seeing eye, which is being used not only in logo's of corporate businesses, but also as mascots for the Olympic Games 2012, and which has been displayed in films and entertainment etcetera. Piers Morgan even called Queen Elizabeth II the all seeing eye in one of his interviews on CNN.

Isn't some of these events as mentioned before in combination with all this symbolism just being orchestrated to happen in the year 2011 continuing into 2012, for a certain purpose? A to far fetched idea? An example of a planned long term 'leading on' of the general public is that of planned obsolescence. Isn't this one of the reasons we started living instead of without debt and by what we can afford, more and more in debt which leads the world economy to crisis again and again, while those who profit remain largely untouched, and get richer by the day?

Aren't some of the rich and the elite the ones with the great plans and the means to finance them? Plans for the foundation of the New Order or New World which comprises a world that would be entirely dominated by one elite body of government has been made a long time ago. Those endorsing these plans, that is the elite whom are part of secret societies which have an occult believe system - using symbols, rituals etcetera - and who's members there for practice the occult, are still at work and will continue to do so in order to achieve their goals. To these people and all those whom have the same believes regard Aquarius, the age of evil, to be a better period in time for society as they view it. The new age occult believe system more or less promises this to them.

Consider this!: what if it is the beginning of the end of the age of evil - that is the age without God's Kingdom established on earth, Daniel 2 - while evil is in a hurry deceiving people in order to achieve his goal for there isn't much time for him left. Which goal? Taking as many people, as his toys, down with him. Not out of love, but driven by obsession, for these are emotionally detached beings whom are masters of make believe, which is in this case to make people believe that they mean anything to them. But by the time these people realize they are not, they have become detached themselves and subject to all sorts of emotional addictions. The day after tomorrow or even after death isn't as bright or restful anymore for those being deceived by evil, is it? How sad, people living just for the feeling of the moment, loosing themselves in fruitless things while not realizing what is really going on!

Cities marked and claimed for evil
Does the earlier mentioned colour display and the later only occur in cities which were claimed for evil by marking them with certain symbols such as obelisks - symbol of the sun-god in Egypt mythology, which was placed at his temple - which weren't part of European culture. By the way several obelisks were taken, to some they were stolen out of Egypt and placed in major cities in the West. Cities like Washington DC, Paris, London, the Vatican, as well as other cities and places have these structures or modern buildings with occult architecture. Even the lay out of the infrastructure, the streets sometimes forms occult patterns within these cities. For Example the Vatican in Italy, Los Angeles (and others) where Hollywood is based in the United States. Israel is no exemption on this as the architecture of the Suprime Court in Jerusalem shows, just to mention one of the many.

In the Dutch relatively small city of Apeldoorn - where I have been living, after more then ten years, noticing the former mentioned - there is a small obelisk-shaped monument in place, as a gift to the Dutch royals since 1901. Of course the royal House of Orange-Nassau, represented by Queen Wilhelmina at the time - last queen of the Netherlands that lived in the palace Het Loo - being Christians had to accept this very Christian-like gift ;-)
By the way that was the place of an attack, as the media put it, on the Dutch royal family on April the thirtieth in 2009.

Such symbols and those depicting the so called gods, brings the story in 1 Samuel 5:1-8 (NKJV) to mind: the people of Ashdod's god on his face before the ark of the true Living God :-)
... 2 When the Philistines took the ark of God, they brought it into the house of Dagon[a] and set it by Dagon. 3 And when the people of Ashdod arose early in the morning, there was Dagon, fallen on its face to the earth before the ark of the LORD. So they took Dagon and set it in its place again. 4 And when they arose early the next morning, there was Dagon, fallen on its face to the ground before the ark of the LORD. The head of Dagon and both the palms of its hands were broken off on the threshold; only Dagon’s torso was left of it. ...
8 ... So they carried the ark of the God of Israel away. ...

This is a city that used to have a notable Jewish community in the past, but it was practically destroyed during WW II. Even though nowadays there is still a small Synagogue  in this city. * The Nederlands-Israëlitisch Kerkgenootschap (NIK) has recently put the Synagogue of Apeldoorn for sale. It would be sad if a party that doesn't advocate for the Jewish people and their communities would buy it. Until now the Jews aren't really returning. Hopefully this will change in the future, and I believe that faithful Christians - there is a large community of Christians living in this city, and also several Christian organizations present - will welcome them. But then, why would they return?

It is noticeable also in this city that there are more and more 'staring' people, occultists, present and active in public life. Isn't this because the cities and places claimed for evil attract those who seek it to live there? This way members of organizations, churches etcetera get deceived and corrupted both spiritually as morally. Those who don't want to fit in, including faithful believers in God the Father, and don't allow themselves to be seduced by evil to darkness are dealt with one way or the other. Despite all this people should pray for the city they live in, Jeremiah 29:7-8?.

Darkness is intolerant to God's light, it just can't stand it. But, while they curse, God the Almighty one does bless those who are and remain faithful to him!

Author: © Mrs A. vd Laan-LeitoPosted in: Recommended