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Skyfall: great expectations 2012 and beyond?! - The gods: expectations!

Expectations: 2012
People whom are busy with occultism, whether the high placed elite in their secret societies or common people, they do have expectations of so called enlightenment in 2012. They based this on certain theories they received from the gods or from people they claim became gods. Theories like the planetarium alignment of the 21st of December 2012, an in coming asteroid, unusual activity of the sun, the presence of a planet X in our solar system and even the reversal of the earth's magnetic field. All of these are actually irrelevant when we take a look at each one of them from the point of view of astronomy, not astrology, and proper science. This becomes clear in The 2012 Conspiracy part 1.

Another reason for people to choose 2012 as the year it, whatever it may be, will happen is the Mayan calender, which also isn't what certain circles would want people to believe: The 2012 Conspiracy part 2. Now if these gods are so highly evolved wouldn't they have a better knowledge of astronomy? As for the  UFO-incident of 1947 in Roswell New Mexico USA, which had an occult significance, it was manufactured to point to the year 2012. And since the 1960s - first successful attempt in August 1960 - to this day men fall down from space to Roswell. The next attempt to skyfall is in 2012, as The Independent reports.

Why would these gods need us people for anything anyway? Isn't it because life is in the blood - Genesis 9:1-17 - and not in energy itself as so many people tent to believe! Energy which is by the laws of natural science, physics, neither positive nor negative! Although energy can be used for positive - good - and negative - bad - things. To ignore this in ones way of thinking would lead to ignoring the source of goodness, truth and justice being God Almighty. While equally ignoring the source of wickedness, lies and injustice being evil. Hence the result would be, having people developing a mind that questions good and evil less and lesser while leaving them more susceptible to manipulation. An example being people open to all sorts of influences leading to craving power, whether false or real, through empowerment by which ever means including  by evil deeds. Which in turn does have serious consequence for the live environment in society in general.

So, if the above mentioned concerning astronomy is irrelevant, this whole idea of 2012 being so important in which ever way is just part of man made plans inspired of course by evil. People are the ones whom work with dates and death lines for their plans to get a job done and in doing so to reach their intended goals. Certainly, according to biblical prophecy we can expect major events happening on our planet. When? We will have to wait to experience those.

Meanwhile God whom has all knowledge and inside in things to come -Daniel 2:20-23, Jeremiah 20:12 - has the answers!  So, what about these gods in biblical perspective? 

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