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Visions and dreams: how reliable?

Do you receive yourself visions and, or dreams? Are you interested in those of others? There are so many of these being passed on to people. Also visions about a new Holocaust on the Jewish people.

But, are all these visions and dreams reliable? How to know?!

Visions and dreams can be very real, impressive and persuasive. Still, my advise would be to check out what you received, put it to the test of God's word, not just of opinions or your personal feelings about them. Do so to find out, who is the source of the massage, is it from God, and also to avoid misinterpretations. Is the source the Almighty God and Father whom presents himself always through his word in biblical scripture, or is the source evil whom has its own agenda?

When it comes to dreams the story of Daniel, for example Daniel 2, teaches us that the Almighty Father doesn't give dreams and understanding of these to just any one, that it sometimes take prayer and time to wait - Daniel in Daniel 2 and Jeremiah in Jeremiah 42:1-9 is an example of waiting in prayer to receive an answer on a specific question from the Father - on the Almighty Father's answer, and that it all has a purpose concerning his own plans with his people. Equally when he sends his angels to give a massage either in words or through visions, Daniel 8:15-27.

One other thing we can learn is that when it comes to dreams as well as visions and the understanding of these, Father does approach those in prayer and faithful to him the most. Daniel for example was always in prayer for himself and his people also asking for forgiveness of sins, while being humble and faithful to God, Daniel 2:17-19 and 6:11. Although there are exceptions to this as Numbers 22 to 24 teaches us about Balaam. But, despite Balaam being a deceitful person, the Almighty God did have and kept the upper hand to protect and bless his people, the Israelites.

When do people receive dreams and visions? When they are asleep, in prayer or even while having a conversion with other people. An example of the later is Ezekiel. While the elders of Judah came to see him in his home, Ezekiel 8:1, God gave him a vision in which Ezekiel himself took part, as Ezekiel chapters 8 to 11 tells us and after the vision he tells those present about the vision he received, Ezekiel 11:25

The check to visions and dreams is always God's word, which gives guidance and is also an anchor for those who believe and are faithful to the Almighty God. Not only the massage given itself could be checked but in certain cases also the way it's received. Not to judge any one, but to give an example of putting visions to the test, here are in short two examples of visions spoken of in Christian circles and, or that can be found on the inter net.

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