... Jerusalem ... 22 Just as the new earth and the new heavens will endure by my power, so your descendants and your name will endure ... Isaiah 66 (GNT), 18 ... Jerusalem will be rebuilt, and its PALACE restored. Jeremiah 30:18 (GNT)


End Times: heavenly for Christians or a time of gathering God's people?!

Revised: 22-7-2012

Many people believe that a period of extreme difficulties - called the End Times - is up ahead. Some Christians do expect that while the people on this planet have to endure difficulties, Christians will be enjoying a heavenly time. For they will be the ones being gathered by God Almighty.

Not so, says biblical scripture! So, what will be the true course of events and for whom?

Based on biblical prophecy there is indeed a period of extreme difficulties awaiting all. There is a whole theory developed and preached for some time now about this subject of the period of great tribulation and the End Times in Christian communities. A theory that does imply that Christians will be gathered to heaven while others, including and especially the Jewish people, will have to endure the suffering.

It seems that once people, Christians believe this theory, also called the Rapture Theory it's almost impossible to convince them otherwise. To try to change their believes about this is so difficult, for whom wouldn't want to spend some heavenly time in God's presence instead of heaving to endure pain and suffering. 

If we take a closer look to what the biblical word, prophecy, has to say concerning this period in time we'll find a different story. What will this time have install for us?

Author: © Mrs A. vd Laan-LeitoPosted in: Opinion