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In the news: Prince Harry's privacy issue

Last week there was commotion in media world about a couple of photographs taken of prince Harry while having a private party in his hotel room in Vegas. The man's privacy was breached.

Why all the fuss? He is naked on the photographs ...

... which were apparently taken by a woman invited to the party at which they were playing a stripping game on Friday the 17th of August. These pictures were very interesting. Not really! But the privacy issue is.

While the pictures were regarded as news wordy and published on the inter net, the British news papers were initially reluctant to use these pictures out of fear for heaving to face a lawsuit from the British royals. The Irish Sun published in Dublin, did however print the photographs on his front page and in addition spoke, rather joked about prince Harry grabbing the royal jewels. Why didn't they say “his” instead of “the”? Later on in the week The Sun published the images on front page in the UK anyway, while stating that the photographs were already widely spread elsewhere for all to see. The Sun was met with heavy criticism in the British media. 

At this private party prince Harry let his garde down as some reported. Some people suggested in the media that he was partying like any other youth whom needs this to enable them to put off some steam, especially him being a military man. Since when is running around drunk and naked regarded as a normal behaviour to put off steam? As if these people can justify his way of partying with such remarks. Why don't they make such suggestions regarding the youth in the prince's own private royal entourage? And there are many nice ways of throwing a party where everyone can enjoy themselves without this kind of thing happening. I don't believe this type of behaviour reflects that of the youth in general. As for putting of steam because he is a military man, there are many other ways to do that in a responsible and safe manner. Engaging in sports on individual basis or team wise, being one of them.

Still, this party was private. What's private, should remain private! So, a few questions comes to mind. Why didn't his security people take in all the mobile phones of those invited to his party as part of some security protocol? People can use a mobile phone for so many different and sometime damaging things nowadays. Setting off a bomb for example. How come someone can intrude in such way in a persons private life and get away with it while getting a bag of money? Why shouldn't the name of this person, and of those pulling the strings whom are obviously not visible at the moment, be disclosed so eventually they could be confronted with a lawsuit or other wise on behalf of prince Harry? In the Netherlands one time in the past such request was done in court on behalf of the ex-wife of a Dutch artist regarding photographs taken in the privacy of her home, and it was honored. But in the case of prince Harry, it seems as if such an intrusion in his private life can be done without re-precautions.  

Isn't this incident clearly a case of, 
24 Enemies disguise themselves with their lips, but in their hearts they harbor deceit.
25 Though their speech is charming, do not believe them,for seven abominations fill their hearts.
26 Their malice may be concealed by deception,but their wickedness will be exposed ...
Proverbs 26:24-26 (NIV)

27 Whoever digs a pit will fall into it; if someone rolls a stone, it will roll back on them
Proverbs 26:27 (NIV)

Next to money, jealousy sometimes combined with revenge is always a strong motive to do this kind of thing. Could it be prince Harry has a similar 'problem' as his mother lady Diana had? That is, that when he is present the other members of the royal family - except for his brother prince William - are less noticed! Needless to say how lady Diana was ultimately treated probably to a certain extent because of this. In Prince Harry's case, his media presence is also more noticeable than that of other members of the family. This was clear while carrying on his duties during Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee tour and celebrations, and the Olympic Games. According to the news reports he did a good job. 

A breach of privacy like this one is shocking but not uncommon. It happened to others and to prince Harry twice before. In 2005 the Nazi-uniform incident, when he was photographed at a party wearing such uniform. And about four years later, someone released a video film of him calling a military by a racist name. Both incidents were regarded as a serious matter to the public. At the time prince Harry apologized in both cases. Only in this occasion, it happened in his own private setting where he is supposed to feel and be safe. 

Obviously prince Harry's privacy issue can't be solved only by security people nor in the courts. So it's mainly up to himself to be more responsible. If you are not running around naked at a party no one would be interested in taking your picture to embarrass you in public. That goes for all who has the attention of paparazzi, including all members of royal families. Prince Harry himself publicly assuming responsibility for his own actions regardless of the privacy breach is a matter of integrity! And even though he like everyone else does make mistakes, isn't it about time this man learns not to manoeuvre himself into such vulnerable situations where people can easily take advantage of him? He should get a grip on himself, first of all for his own sake. Or does he want to become the joke of his family instead of the joker?!

Isn't an Army officer and Apache helicopter pilot flying such an expensive and lethal equipment suppose to be a responsible person that the military could count and depend on any time, in all circumstances?! And doesn't he realize that taking up a commitment to do charity work also means being a role model, someone to look up to for those to whom you extend a helping hand, especially when it comes to vulnerable children?! No responsible parent or carer would want a menace around their kids - BBC and The Independent reported in October 2012 on an elite-child-abuse-scandal in England by a celebrity figure with extensive connections to members of the British establishment even up to to the British royals, as part of prince Charles' circle of friends, whom used his entertainment work at the BBC and his charity work to gain access to children/teenagers while at the same time using his celebrity status to mask his activities as a sexual predator to children for more than 40 years - not even at a distance. 
"Prince Harry be a man with integrity by taking up these responsibilities more properly!"

People in general do have high expectations of prince Harry regarding the responsibilities concerning his royal duties. After all his position within the royal family, and him being on the payroll of lets say the British public demands this.

Having said all that, consider the following. Prince Harry grew up in broken home. Sadly, thanks mainly to his father prince Charles, his parents had a broken marriage even before they were married. Not to pass judgment on prince Charles, but he was also an absent father due to his royal duties. Did he ever realize the damage he had already done at an early age to his children? On top of that, prince Harry lost his mother at a young age. He was twelve years old - prince William was fifteen - which is a crucial age in a young man's life. A person just doesn't loose all that by merely building up a certain image in the media for the outside world for the sake of in his case royal duties.

Personally, not to judge anyone, I have always strongly disapproved of such useless parties and stupid games. But, I do forgive him and his entourage all - darkness is no good that only offers an illusions prior to a disillusion - they have been busy doing at that party. Sadly these people don't seem to know any better.

Again, the British royal family is in need of the Almighty God's touch. So, pray for prince Harry and the Windsor family. 

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