... Jerusalem ... 22 Just as the new earth and the new heavens will endure by my power, so your descendants and your name will endure ... Isaiah 66 (GNT), 18 ... Jerusalem will be rebuilt, and its PALACE restored. Jeremiah 30:18 (GNT)


Israel got stuck?

Revised 8-1-2014

This year Israel celebrated its 65th anniversary and Jerusalem's 25th of being Israel's capital city. For both the Jewish community world wide as their supporters its a lot to be grateful for.

It took 19 years after establishing the State of Israel to regain Jerusalem. But, today 25 years later Israel's fertility is still an issue, Israel ...

… still doesn't have full control over the Temple Mount in the old city of Jerusalem the holiest place of worship to the Jewish community. It's under the jurisdiction of the Islamic Waqf that manages the site where, with one recent exception, Jews aren't allowed to pray.

Gaza, Judah and Samaria are still not officially in political sense considered to be part of Israel. There is no recognition of the State of Israel by all Arab countries, whom officially are still at war with Israel.
The land itself that in biblical times was mentioned to be fertile is in great part a desert with the Negev as an example of the failure of developing the area despite huge investments.
And last but not least, there seems to be no unity under the Jewish community itself when it comes to the State of Israel which has been developed into a secular and socialist state.
All this leads to the conclusion that contrary to the expectations of many the State of Israel got stuck since regaining Jerusalem in 1967. Or was it since they signed the Oslo I Accord back in 1992?

Although the Jews are determined to defend Israel's boarders and insure the survival of their nation, this just doesn't seem to be enough to continue to move the country forward. Nor is all the innovative initiatives used on several levels of the Israeli society. And taking non religious decisions, as some suggests should be done, doesn't bring any solution for the greater problems of Israel either. A clear example being signing the Oslo Accords which just added more problems and worries for the people of Israel and their leaders. 

The recent developments concerning the neighbouring countries, especially in Iran, doesn't make Israel's future any brighter. Instead it pushes Israel into a corner with no way out other than to “... stand alone...” as the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu put it in his UN-speech this week. He made it very clear that the concerns of his government about this issue wasn't just based on feelings of fear but on facts concerning Iran's actions in the past and its economic problems. He also point out historic facts when it came to dealings with North Korea. A country which was in a more or less similar position as Iran today both economically as on the subject of the development of nuclear weapons. According to Netanyahu, Iran has taken up a strategy that mimics North Korea's, which resulted in North Korea having nuclear weapons. In an attempt to remember all of even worse, president Shimon Peres visited the Anna Frank House - she and her entire family, except her father, died in concentration camps during the Shoah, Holocaust, leaving a diary of her experiences while in hiding - in Amsterdam last Sunday. He is the first Israeli president to do so. 

Is standing alone the way for Israel to travel? In that case wouldn't it be sensible to do this as a united people. How to unite the Jewish people under the Jewish State of Israel, under one flag? Their has been a certain degree of animosity within the Jewish community even before the State of Israel was established. The Jewish Zionist Movement, which started as early as the 19th century, contributed greatly to this effort. The members of this movement to this day earned all respect for the good deeds they have been doing. This movement with Jewish leaders from different nations of the world such as the US, the UK, Germany and Russia, was influenced by socialism, Marxism, capitalism, Judaism, communism, secularism and so on.

Author: © Mrs A. vd Laan-LeitoPosted in: Opinion