... Jerusalem ... 22 Just as the new earth and the new heavens will endure by my power, so your descendants and your name will endure ... Isaiah 66 (GNT), 18 ... Jerusalem will be rebuilt, and its PALACE restored. Jeremiah 30:18 (GNT)


British Royal Family: exemplary Christians ;-) - Jerusalem anthem

Jerusalem anthem

As for singing England's Jerusalem anthem - not considered to be occult in itself - at prince William's wedding, it's not in honor to the Almighty God nor underlines his plans for his people, the Jewish people including those Christians whom by his grace are grafted in Israel. Why?

This hymn, based on a poem printed at the beginning of the 19th century by William Blake best known today as "Jerusalem", is not about restoring Jerusalem in the land of Israel so that it would stay in it's place as prophecy in biblical scripture (Zechariah 12) makes clear, but it's about building a new Jerusalem in England's green and pleasant land.  Why is the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games called "Green And Pleasant"? The meaning of this ceremony holds, to some, an unexpected answer to this question, that by the way doesn't have absolutely nothing to do with so called world domination by the Israelites.

In the case they would establish a new Jerusalem in England, what did they - remember the British questionable actions at the time of the British mandate for Palestine from 1923 to 1948 - and would they do to the real Jerusalem in Israel?

Jerusalem, the capital city of the State of Israel, nor any place in Israel, never ever received an official visit from HRH Queen Elizabeth II head of state of the United Kingdom for more than half a century now! She does visit the neigbouring countries and other European monarchs did visit Jerusalem as for example Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands whom at the time gave a far of complete speech in the Knesset.

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