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Dresden: the forgotten war crime? Part 1 of 2 - The Jewish people

The Jewish people in Dresden

After the synagogue of Dresden was burned during Kristallnacht on the 9th of November 1938, the Jews living in Dresden were gradually deported to Riga, Auschwitz and Theresienstadt between 1941 and 1945. The remaining Jews in the city also had to leave, they were ordered to report for deportation on the 16th of February.

One of them was Victor Klemperer who recorded his experiences at the time of the Dresden bombings in one of his diaries:
“… on the evening of this 13 February the catastrophe overtook Dresden: the bombs fell, the houses collapsed, the phosphorus flowed, the burning beams crashed on to the heads of Aryans and non-Aryans alike and Jew and Christian met death in the same fire storm; whoever of the [Jews] was spared by this night was delivered, for in the general chaos he could escape the Gestapo.” (source Wikipedia)

And escape he did, by removing his yellow star and joining a column of refugees he escaped to an American controlled territory. A short account of him surviving the Dresden bombing in I Shall Bear Witness: The Diaries of Victor Klemperer 1933-1941

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