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Dresden: the forgotten war crime? Part 1 of 2 - The German resistance

The German resistance to Hitler and the Nazis

At that point in time and amongst such circumstances, what could possibly justify killing and burning civilians mainly women and children, and wounded soldiers like that? Winston Churchill's reaction? He distanced himself from the Allied actions of those two February days in Dresden. If nothing was wrong, why did he do so?

Some would say, “ they were the Nazis, look what they did to us, so they deserved it”.
But shouldn't one take into account that not all of the German people were Nazis? Roughly about two thirds were not - approximately one third of the German population supported Hitler by voting for him in the 1932 presidential election. Hitler lost the election to Von Hindenburg, but was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933 when his party became part of the German government in order to in able the formation of a majority coalition government. - and they were terrorized by the Gestapo, the Nazi regime's secret police. Many Germans, not forgetting the Holocaust of the Jewish people - some of them were German citizens - were also abused and killed in concentration camps. So, Hitler and his Nazi regime were not acting on behalf of all the people of Germany.

There was also an active German resistance which tried to over throw the Nazi government, planed and executed assassination attempts on Hitler a couple of times. They all, more than 5000 people paid with their lives when they were executed by the Gestapo after the coup failed. Including Colonel Claus Graf von Stauffenberg who took part in the planning and executing of the assassination attempt on Hitler in the July 20 Plot in 1944 and once he is dead to implement Operation Valkyrie to overthrow the Nazi government. Helmuth James Graf von Moltke a lawyer in international law who declined the chance to become a judge for being reluctant to join the Nazi Party, who tried by several means - such as helping victims of Hitler's regime to emigrate - to impose non-violent resistance to the Nazis. He did oppose the assassination of Hitler for two reasons, being: if killed, Hitler would become a martyr, and if the plan failed the German resistance would be eliminated. He was tried for treason and executed.

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