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Dresden: the forgotten war crime? Part 1 of 2 - War crime?

Reconciliation: bombing Dresden a war crime?

Taking all these into account, is it strange to say that it is justified to cast doubts on the necessity or justification of the bombing of Dresden? Is it fair to say that it is just impossible not to condemn the fire bombing of Dresden? Both morally and military. Wasn't bombing, burning and shooting civilians down like this a war crime? That would be a matter for the courts to decide. Which one? What about the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the Netherlands?

Why should any one, lets say the city of Dresden, the surviving victims even bother? For one, to render justice to the victims and survivors. Second, to insure the process of reconciliation wont be hampered by resentment by the German people, and in doing so take away the wind out of the sails of the (neo)-Nazis' boat. So they would not have the chance to continue to abuse this like Hitler did concerning the resentment against the huge reparations imposed on Germany after WW I by the Versailles Peace Treaty of 1919, that placed by the so-called “guilt clause” the full blame of WW I on Germany.

Reparations of 132 billion Deutsch Mark, that is about 400 billion US-dollars, which Germany have paid in full by 2010. Historians see this as symbolical closure of that matter. Germany has also been paying reparations to the Jewish people and have been apologizing for the Holocaust -

a genocide which caused the death of at least six million Jewish people. The Jews were systematically targeted, labeled, isolated in ghettos, imprisoned in concentration and extermination camps, where they were used, abused and eventually murdered in an attempt to exterminate them. This evil master plan was meticulously planned down to the last details, methodically implemented in such a massive scale that a multitude of millions of innocent people were murdered in such a short period of time. All of this and more is what made it so horrific.

- caused by Nazi Germany. In Germany it's even forbidden by law to deny that the Holocaust happened. Germany has been showing its commitment and credibility up to now. This nation has been held accountable for its role during WW I and WW II, the German government and people complied, which on its turn set of the reconciliation process which is still in progress.

This reconciliation process have been well on its way, and if war crimes have been done to the German people, these should also be at least recognized as such. Until then the question remains. Was fire bombing Dresden a war crime?


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