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Dresden the forgotten war crime? Part 2 of 2

Where is Dresden located? In the Free State of Saxony, which has been a medieval Duchy, an Electorate of the Holy Roman Empire, a Kingdom of Germany and since 1918 a Republic. There were many reasons why the city of Dresden shouldn't have been bombed in 1945. One of which was the family ties the Windsors had with Dresden through the royal House of Wettin. Still, Dresden happened.

Why didn't the Windsors prevent it?

Rebuilding Dresden

Dresden more then sixty years of being fire bombed in an strategically unnecessary attack by the British and American Air Forces under the leadership of the British, has been partly rebuild. This process of rebuilding has started already at the time the Free State of Saxony became part of East Germany, the Soviet Union after World War II.

The Frauenkirche which was destroyed during the fire bombing was one of the symbols of the city of Dresden. Founds to rebuild it has also been given by British people. In 2004 Queen Elizabeth II hosted a concert in Berlin to raise money for the reconstruction work of the Frauenkirche. In October 2005 the Frauenkirche was consecrated during an official opening attended by the German president and chancellor at the time and Angela Merkel now chancellor. The British royals were represented by the Duke of Kent Prince Edward.

In both occasions no formal apology has been made to the people of Dresden regarding the bombing. Although at that time some hoped that Queen Elizabeth II would apologize for the bombing of Dresden by the end of World War II.
Does giving all this attention to Dresden by many including politicians and royals replace the sense for the need of recognition of the war crime perpetrated on Dresden and its inhabitants in 1945? No! There is still a call for justice.

Another matter is the amount of attention given by the British royals including of Queen Elizabeth II. It appears that the Windsors care for Dresden. But why didn't they stand up for Dresden and its inhabitants at the time of the Second World War by having the British politicians namely the one ultimately responsible Winston Churchill make an exception of Dresden while bombing Nazi Germany? Where were they then. It was within their power to prevent such an act from taking place. Based on what? Family ties at least. So, why didn't they?

Taking a closer look at the royal ties of British royals with Dresden may give an answer to that question.

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