David's Shield: nót the 'star of david'!

Revised: 5-5-2013

Many to this day believe that a hexagram was a symbol that King David used as some sort of a shield. This symbol is referred to as the 'star of david' or to some as Salomon's seal. Even though over the years Jewish people themselves understandably gained an emotional attachment to this symbol, still did this symbol originate with and was it used by David?

The Israeli people in general are so much so attached to this early mentioned symbol that it is depicted on the Israeli national flag. Did the Israeli people, including those who took the decision to put this symbol on the national flag know about its obscure origins?

Many other questions concerning this 'star of david' or 'megan david', this seal of Salomon comes to mind. How did this symbol came to be in use by the Jewish people as a representation of their community in general and as a symbol of Judaism? Is their any reference in biblical scripture to this star? Is there any other use for this symbol?

But first, did David actually have a star as his symbol or shield in any way? 

Author: © Mrs A. vd Laan-LeitoPosted in: King David