Daniel 2: The Kingdom of God on earth? Part 1 of 2

The book of Daniel chapter 2 tells us about a different kingdom that will be established on earth.
Daniel 2 verse 44 tells us more about the nature of this kingdom. It will be established by God Almighty, it will endure for ever, it will fill the whole world and it will never be conquered. Where will God Almighty establish his Kingdom? Will God do this with and for the Israelites, the Christians, other peoples? And what will be its purpose?

The land of Israel, the city of Jerusalem and the Temple of Jerusalem

King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that got him worried. God Almighty gave this dream and the meaning of it to Daniel. The dream was about a kingdom that will be established on earth. Daniel verse 34 and 35 tells us that a stone broke lose from a cliff without anyone touching it. The stone struck the feet of a big statue, it symbolized the several empires in human history up to now, and shattered it. All that remained of the statue was dust that got carried away by the wind. But the stone itself grew to be a mountain that covered the whole world. Where will God establish His Kingdom? He will establish it the land Israel. Why? It was and still is his choice.

Abraham received this land from God Almighty. Genesis 12 verses 1 to 9, tells us how Abraham, a Hebrew, was called by God to go to Canaan. He would give this land to him and his descendants, whom will become a great nation. Genesis chapter 15 tells us about the covenant that God made with Abraham when he arrived in Canaan. And about what will happen to his descendants in the future. Referring to what later would happen to them in Egypt and their return to the land of Canaan after 400 years. The land was called Israel after Abraham's grandson Jacob, who received this name from God (Genesis 32: 28).

When the descendants of Abraham returned to their land, after some time their second king, King David, made the city of Jerusalem the capital city of Israel. The book of Deuteronomy chapter 12 verses 10 to 12 tells us that God himself would chose a single place in Israel where he would want to be worshiped. Jerusalem was chosen by God to be his own, as we can read in the first book of Kings chapter 11 verse 32. And it is written in Psalm 132 verses 13 to 14: For the Lord has chosen Zion, he has desired it for his dwelling: This is my resting place for ever and ever; here I will sit enthroned, for I have desired it.

King David also made the preparations for a Temple where God Almighty would be worshiped. His son King Solomon built it in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah. It is the same place where God told Abraham to take his son Isaac (Genesis 22:1-19). And it is also the same place that King David bought and where he built an altar on God's request, through his prophet Gad (2 Samuel 24:18-25). The prophet Isaiah calls the Temple, a place of prayer for all peoples (Isaiah 56 verse 7). And Zechariah 14 verse 16 mentions that even the enemies of Israel would come to celebrate the Festival of Shelters, one of God's tree pilgrimage feasts. So all peoples are invited to come and worship God at his Temple in Jerusalem, Israel.

What it meant for the people of Israel to worship God Almighty and to pray at the Temple? King Salomon said in his prayer, mentioned in 1 Kings 8 verse 30: “Hear the supplication of your servant and of your people Israel when they pray toward this place. Hear from heaven, your dwelling place, and when you hear, forgive.”

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