British Royal Family: exemplary Christians ;-)

: 24-04-2013

Queen Elizabeth the second of the House of Windsor - on paternal side the Windsors descent from the German royal family Saxe-Coburg Gotha of the House of Wettin the Enerstine line, not the Albertine line. - is not only head of state but also of the Church of England, which is the Mother Church of the world wide Anglican Communion that propagates the Christian faith. She is also defender of the faith and just like her those in line to the throne will be. Queen Elizabeth the second, prince Charles, prince William, three generations of the Windsor dynasty who are suppose to defend the Christian faith as they know it through their own national church. One would expect them to do this by living according to Christian values. 

Have the members of the House Windsors been doing a good job all together? Actually, how Christian like is the British royal family?

Charles Edward Duke of Saxe-Coburg

He was a grandson in the male-line of queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and prince Albert. He was a cousin of queen Elizabeth II of the UK. As a prince of the UK he held the title of Duke of Albany. He was the fourth and last reigning Duke of Saxe-Coburg Gotha, the House of Wettin the Enerstine line, of two duchies in the German Empire from the 30th of July 1900 to the 14th of November 1918 and the head of the House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha from 1900 till his death in 1954.

During WW I he supported the German Empire and became a general in the German army, although he never held a major command. In 1918 he was forced to abdicate his ducal - after the German Revolution in 1918 the German Emperor Willem II and all the ruling princes of Germany were forced to abdicate to make way for the Weimar Republic in Germany - throne and in 1919 he lost his title of Prince and Royal Highness as well as all his British honors. He went on to hold different positions in Germany. He joined the Nazi Party in 1935 and became member of the SA, the paramilitary storm troopers of the Nazi Party. He served as a member of the Reichstag representing the Nazi Party from 1937 to 1945. In 1936 he attended the funeral of his cousin King George V in his SA-uniform. He also approached king Edward VIII on the matter of a pact between the UK and Nazi Germany without result. In 1937 he played host to the abdicated King Edward VIII, then the Duke of Windsor and his wife on their visit to Hitler in Nazi Germany.

As president of the German Red Cross – which became part of the Nazi Organization and no longer of the neutral International Red Cross – he nominated Ernst-Robert Grawitz as head of operations and later in 1945 Karl Gelhardt to replace him. Both were found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity after WW II. So it's very unlikely Charles Edward didn't know of the medical experiments in concentration camps on mental patients known as Action T4. After the war he was imprisoned and not released on behalf of his sister princess Alice of the UK. Later he was sentenced by a de-nazification court. He was heavily fined and almost bankrupt. He spent the last years of his life in seclusion in Germany, where he watched the coronation of his cousin queen Elizabeth II on a cinema screen. Charles Edward whom Hitler kept close nicknamed “Hitler's favorite royal”. The story of his collaboration with the Nazis is now being told in a documentary - part 1 and part 2 - called Hitler's Favorite Royal. 

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