British Royal Family: exemplary Christians ;-) - Prince Edward

Prince Edward 2nd Duke of Kent

Prince Eduard who is a member of the British Royal family and carries out royal duties for his cousin queen Elizabeth the second, has been publicly Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, the governing body of Freemasonry in England and Wales since 1967.

The Freemason is a fraternal secret society believed to have originated in the late 16th to early 17th century. They have in their higher ranks members who are part of the elite and the leadership in society. Besides doing good charity work by their lower ranks, they also have their secret agenda being executed by their elite members. It is generally known that this organization would do whatever it takes to achieve its goals. Christian values are not part of their moral code, which is predominantly based on occult believes, practices and rituals, all visible in the symbols they use.

There are other secret societies like the Masonic Knights Templar - not to be confused with the historic Knights Templar organization that was dismantled in the 14th century. Their symbol was a red cross pattée. - that emerged publicly in the 18th century, which also uses the cross pattée as a symbol. In the past a similar cross called the Iron Cross, which could be awarded to people, but was also used as a symbol for the German Army from 1871 to 1918, and since 1955 its the logo of Germany's Armed Forces. The Illuminati founded May 1 in 1776 is also a 'well known' secret society. Although secret societies rival each other, they are all to some extent part of the Masonic World Order, masterminding events that will lead to the establishment of a New World or New Order, the "Brave New World", by Aldous Huxley 1931.

Prince Edward is not only connected with the Freemasons in his capacity as Grand Master, but is also a member of the Order of the Garter. Wondering, is the Order of the Garter, to which prince Charles and his son prince William are members, a secret society in itself, but just not publicly named as such?

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