British Royal Family: exemplary Christians ;-) - Prince Charles

Prince Charles of Wales

Prince Charles who made clear in the past that as a king he would want to defend all faiths not just the Christian faith, gave his wife to be Diana an engagement ring with a blue sapphire which is considered in circles of occultism to be the gemstone associated with the planet Saturn, which in turn is associated with Satan and evil.

Had this anything to do with the unhappy life lady Diana had with Charles before and during their marriage that resulted in divorce and ultimately her death leaving her children at the care of their father and his family? Charles as a British royal was content with having his marriage as an image, instead of as a happy and safe home!

Whom passed that way of thinking and life down to him, and did he pas this heritage down to his sons? But wait, don't these people, the royals love their family including those who marry into their family? Of course they do, but they just love their current position and position to be, more! It's the way it was with Charles and Diana, wasn't it? Which brings us to their sons prince William and prince Harry.

But first, two questions. Why is Lady Diana's death still hunting the British royal family, the Windsors? Does her life show she went in her relationship with her husband and the Windsors, through a process imposed on her by them of: assessment, manipulation, detachment? Psychopaths - either borne that way, by medication and or occult practices- modus operandi, method of operation!

October 2012 the BBC and The Independent, amongst other news organizations, reported on a child abuse scandal in England by a celebrity figure with extensive connections to members of the British establishment including prime ministers, such as Margaret Thatcher. This man used his entertainment work at the BBC, his charity work and his connections to gain access to vulnerable children/teenagers to sexually abuse them, even in hospitals, for more than 40 years. While at the same time this child abuser used his celebrity status to mask his activities. He has was also friends with the British royal family, notably of prince Charles as a member of prince Charles' circle of friends. Was this the reason his activities were covered up by the establishment for so long?

Now, whom would want to be a member of such a circle of friends?

Author: © Mrs A. vd Laan-LeitoPosted in: Opinion