British Royal Family: exemplary Christians ;-) - Prince Harry

Prince Harry of Wales

At the age of 20, old enough to realize what he was doing, he attended a costume party dressed in a German Afrika Korps Nazi uniform with a swastika armband. Prince Harry in Nazi uniform, a racist Nazi? The Nazi regime initiated the second World War that resulted in the death of approximately fifty five million people, and in an unprecedented systematic murder of about six million Jews, whom were not part of the war conflict in the first place. Remember many British citizens died directly at the hands of the Nazis during that war, and part of the generation who experienced World War two and its aftermath are still here. That hurts!

The Nazi ideology is, based on the crimes committed by the Nazi regime world wide, their religious indoctrination and strife to manufacture a super race, not only a racist ideology but above all an occult evil ideology and religion that should not be embraced, but strongly rejected no matter who promotes it. An organization and cult which is still actively rejecting, oppressing and cursing those they hate most, the Jews. Having an utterly disgusting, immoral, occult, criminal way of thinking and life. Being the lowest of the lowest visibly, by their own deeds, still lingering within the minds and life of the members of the House of Windsor!

Back to the question. Is he? Prince Harry later, back in 2005, did however issue a public statement through Clarence House - prince Charles official residence - apologizing for his behavior! And, consider this: prince Harry's beautiful honest work in Lesotho, South Africa. Or was this like so many others do, just image building?! Hopefully not. Prince Harry together with prince Seeiso of Lesotho set up the charity foundation Sentebale - meaning: forget me not - in April 2006. He established this foundation, which is registered in the UK, in memory of his mother Lady Diana to help children in Lesotho. March 2012 prince Harry announced he has plans to expand the charity activities world wide, as the Huffington Post reported. 

Another incident occurred in 2009, when prince Harry called one of his fellow military cadets a Paki, a term considered as racist and unacceptable by the British public and government. Again, a form of racism. Commotion caused around a royal that has an interest in sports and whom is seriously pursuing a military career as Apache helicopter pilot, work for which he seems to be appreciated by the public.

Generally speaking prince Harry presents himself as a military, in fact he is being presented by CNN as the soldier prince, while at the same time he does seem to have an honest interest in supporting charities concerning the military including the veterans. For example, he was present at an event - the recreation of the North Sea epic kayak trip in remembrance of eight Dutch men who rowed from the Netherlands in kayaks and made it to Suffolk to escape the Nazi occupation during World War II, whom were considered war heroes. - while this event didn't receive the same attention by his Dutch royal equivalent at the shore of the Netherlands. And recently he received the Atlantic Council's 2012 Award for distinguished humanitarian for his charitable work - for example the Arctic challenge - concerning the injured military. He is together with his brother prince William patron of the charity organization Walking With The Wounded.

As for the commotion, he did have a military disciplinary hearing and it later emerged that prince Harry personally apologized to his Pakistani fellow officer for this remark! As the Daily Mail Online reported. Was he sincere? At least, in both incidents prince Harry did have the decency to apologize as the BBC reported!

Author: © Mrs A. vd Laan-LeitoPosted in: Opinion