British Royal Family: exemplary Christians ;-) - Prince William

Prince William of Wales

On a photograph taken in 2009 of prince William at the RAF Shawbury in England during his helicopter training, he had his RAF uniform on with in the crest / logo the depiction of the Goat of Mendes. One could argue this is merely part of the uniform he has to wear, but he also had this goat head on his personal name badge on his uniform. This by the way was not the case for his brother prince Harry. 

When it comes to more symbols associated with the occult which satanism is part of, prince William had plenty of those added to his wedding ceremony:
- he, while refusing to were a wedding ring, placed symbolic significance in giving his girlfriend Lady Diana's engagement ring. But then, who would even want to accept such a ring that has an occult meaning and by the way didn't bring Diana much happiness?! And, accepts a man that has no wish to wear your wedding ring (anyone accepting that, sounds really desperate to me);
- he specially commissioned a grooms cake that symbolizes a Beltane cake, for himself;
- he wedded in the same church as his parents, which has a checkers imprint on the floor, one of the symbols of the Freemasonry;
- alongside the ale in the church live trees were placed; in honor of the king of the Wood, the Green man? Who is considered to be the king of the goddess of Beltane / May Day, that is Diana.

The wedding date itself, the 29th of April, is in two ways controversial because of well known historical events on that date and certain feasts around that time. First, this date stands within a period of several pagan, that is none-Christian, feasts in occult circles and satanic holidays. For one, it coincides with the eave of Walpurgus a pagan high holiday. Which itself is the eve of another feast called Beltane or May Day, on the first day of May, which is named after Baal to whom children sacrifices are done. What did the Goebbels' family whom was in Hitler's bunker do on that date?

Secondly it's on that date the 29th of April that Hitler married Eva Braun, only to kill themselves the next day. Magda and Joseph Goebbels murdered their six children by giving them cyanide. Magda worshiped Hitler like a god, so much so that she named all her six children by names starting with an H, and she wrote in her last letter that dying with the Fuhrer was a blessing that she could have never hoped for. The next day, May Day / Baltane she and her husband committed suicide.

Now, for a German royal family who in the past at the time of the first World War was keen in giving up their German name Saxe-Coburg Gotha to prevent associations with Nazi Germany by adopting the name Windsor and later forced king Eduard VIII to abdicated virtually for the same reason, how could they heave possibly missed this. Even more when as they put it in the media, the couple had weeks to choose a date while discussing this with officials at Buckingham Palace, No.10 Downing Street and Westminster Abby. All these people lack knowledge of well known historical facts? Or, spring just doesn't have more than one day for the 'spring-wedding' they wanted? 

Obviously the couple didn't mind sharing their wedding date with Adolf Hitler. And, considering the symbolism visible in their wedding ceremony and the date of choice, they went for the none-Christian feasts. While setting up a Christian Anglican façade? So, a big question mark on especially, because of his job description, prince William's Christian faith and values! Royalty, what else?!

Author: © Mrs A. vd Laan-LeitoPosted in: Opinion