British Royal Family: exemplary Christians ;-) - Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

The celebration of the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II this year isn't without controversy. For example, the queen celebrates her jubilee at Windsor Castle by having lunch with distinguished world royal guests from several countries on Friday the 18th of May.

BBC News
reported about this celebration while stating the controversies surrounding some of the invited royals who attended the lunch. There were also reports by BBC News about the demonstration of human rights activists at Buckingham Palace, because at least seven of these royal leaders don't rule a democratic country and two of them even violates human rights in their own country. All which is well known to queen Elizabeth and the government of the UK. In an interview of the BBC with one of the human rights protesters Peter Tatchell, he said: "It's very wrong that the Queen has invited seven royal dictators to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee."

Still these controversial monarchs are welcome to celebrate the queens diamond jubilee. The queen and twelve UK royals - including the princes William, Harry and Andrew - gave them a warm welcome, having friendly chit chat with them at lunch. By doing so they, the royal household of the Windsors, put these controversial royals before people's human rights! They also ignore public opinion already well known to them concerning at least one of the monarchs whom as far as the British public was concerned wasn't welcome at the wedding of prince William, although he was officially invited. Later that evening prince Charles hosted a more formal dinner for most of the foreign monarchs at Buckingham Palace.

And on the 6th of June Queen Elizabeth held a lunch, this time for the Commonwealth leaders to celebrate her diamond jubilee at Marlborough House in central London. On arrival of the guests attending the lunch again a crowd of protesters. About 3,000 Tamils and human rights activists protested against the presence of the president of Sri Lanka, whom stands accused of war crimes, at the lunch. How worse, or low can the Windsors get?! 

Of course the Foreign Office - officially called the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a British government department that is responsible for the British interests overseas. - can always be blamed for the discrepancies on the queen's guest list. But, who has the final say about the guest list?!!!

Amids the preparations for the great celebrations in the UK and the Commonwealth of Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee and the hosting of the (exposed) 2012 Olympic Games in London England which are on going - more on the London 2012 Olympic Games, also in relation with prince William - there is still room for another controversy. The queen's jubilee maybe one of the reasons the International Olympic Committee, the IOC, doesn't want to accept a formal request backed by more than 40,000 people to have one minute of silence at the games in England this summer in remembrance of the 40th anniversary - the IOC did commemorate on the 25th and 30th anniversaries - of the terrorist killings of eleven Israeli athletes and coaches at the Olympic Games of 1972 in Munich Germany?

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