British Royal Family: exemplary Christians ;-)

: 24-04-2013

Queen Elizabeth the second of the House of Windsor - on paternal side the Windsors descent from the German royal family Saxe-Coburg Gotha of the House of Wettin the Enerstine line, not the Albertine line. - is not only head of state but also of the Church of England, which is the Mother Church of the world wide Anglican Communion that propagates the Christian faith. She is also defender of the faith and just like her those in line to the throne will be. Queen Elizabeth the second, prince Charles, prince William, three generations of the Windsor dynasty who are suppose to defend the Christian faith as they know it through their own national church. One would expect them to do this by living according to Christian values. 

Have the members of the House Windsors been doing a good job all together? Actually, how Christian like is the British royal family?

Charles Edward Duke of Saxe-Coburg

He was a grandson in the male-line of queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and prince Albert. He was a cousin of queen Elizabeth II of the UK. As a prince of the UK he held the title of Duke of Albany. He was the fourth and last reigning Duke of Saxe-Coburg Gotha, the House of Wettin the Enerstine line, of two duchies in the German Empire from the 30th of July 1900 to the 14th of November 1918 and the head of the House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha from 1900 till his death in 1954.

During WW I he supported the German Empire and became a general in the German army, although he never held a major command. In 1918 he was forced to abdicate his ducal - after the German Revolution in 1918 the German Emperor Willem II and all the ruling princes of Germany were forced to abdicate to make way for the Weimar Republic in Germany - throne and in 1919 he lost his title of Prince and Royal Highness as well as all his British honors. He went on to hold different positions in Germany. He joined the Nazi Party in 1935 and became member of the SA, the paramilitary storm troopers of the Nazi Party. He served as a member of the Reichstag representing the Nazi Party from 1937 to 1945. In 1936 he attended the funeral of his cousin King George V in his SA-uniform. He also approached king Edward VIII on the matter of a pact between the UK and Nazi Germany without result. In 1937 he played host to the abdicated King Edward VIII, then the Duke of Windsor and his wife on their visit to Hitler in Nazi Germany.

As president of the German Red Cross – which became part of the Nazi Organization and no longer of the neutral International Red Cross – he nominated Ernst-Robert Grawitz as head of operations and later in 1945 Karl Gelhardt to replace him. Both were found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity after WW II. So it's very unlikely Charles Edward didn't know of the medical experiments in concentration camps on mental patients known as Action T4. After the war he was imprisoned and not released on behalf of his sister princess Alice of the UK. Later he was sentenced by a de-nazification court. He was heavily fined and almost bankrupt. He spent the last years of his life in seclusion in Germany, where he watched the coronation of his cousin queen Elizabeth II on a cinema screen. Charles Edward whom Hitler kept close nicknamed “Hitler's favorite royal”. The story of his collaboration with the Nazis is now being told in a documentary - part 1 and part 2 - called Hitler's Favorite Royal. 

King Edward VIII

The uncle of queen Elizabeth, who was king of the United Kingdom from January to December 1936, sympathized with Adolf Hitler, and he supported his anti-semitic and racist Nazi regime. After he abdicated, as said because he wanted to marry a divorced American woman whom wasn't found suitable by the British public nor the government at that time, he visited Nazi Germany. Probably the Duke of Windsor privately and publicly sympathizing with the Nazis, the real reason he had to abdicate in the first place? The answer to this question is a definite yes. 

In 1937 as the Duke of Windsor, he and his wife the Duchess visited Hitler, whom he collaborated with. The Duke of Windsor was given full Nazi salutes while he showed publicly he supported Hitler. Charles Edward whom was forced to abdicate as Duke of Saxe-Coburg Gotha and lost all his British titles and honors was the host of the Duke of Windsor. And Hitler received him in Nazi Germany with all honors and displayed his visit in the media. 

The Duke of Windsor had an adoration for Hitler, just like Charles Edward Duke of Saxe-Coburg did. Hitler even wanted to reinstate him as king of the United Kingdom after the war. At the time of the occupation of France, the Duke asked the Nazis to place guards at his Paris and Riviera homes, while he himself fled to live elsewhere in Europe with his wife. The Nazis complied.

King George VI

In 1937 King George VI the father of Queen Elizabeth II, shortly after he became king, approved a crest/logo for the No. 60 RAF Squadron stationed in Shawbury, which had the depiction of the head of a markhor, a mountain goat. In 1964 the horns of a markhor were presented to the Squadron.

This markhor head is virtually the same as that of the Goat of Mendes, which is considered by satanists to be the goat head of Satan, Baphomet's head. It's a symbol used by satanist, which is part of their occult believe system. In any case, it's a way of passing down some of his own non-Christian believes to the next generation of Windsors?

Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh

Queen Elizabeth's husband prince Philip contemplates the idea of his reincarnation as a particular deadly virus to adjust the "cull" as he put it of the human population of the world to the size of the surplus population. Is he of a 'higher strata' of human race that he may decide who to kill as a virus? This is his way of solving what he perceives as the world's over population. Very Christian like. Not really. For isn't this contemplating genocide?

Prince Philip, born in the Greek royal family but a member of the Danish-German royal house, grew up in Germany with his Nazi family in law, some of them were even high ranking officers of the SS, which under Heinrich Himmler was responsible for many crimes against humanity during the Nazi regime. He was educated at a school in Southern Germany under a Nazi curriculum. Christoff, his brother in law was an SS officer and another brother in law called Philip was a Nazi Storm Trooper. November 1937 he attended a funeral together with these two and other Nazis. For photographs: Unlawful Killing

So much for the British royal family breaking the ties with their German family on paternal side by assuming the name Windsor instead of Saxe-Coburg Gotha in 1917 to avoid problems in the UK after WW I. Years later in 1952, the princes to be queen married a Nazi, and brought their mentality right back into the British royal family and aristocracy. But then, wasn't it already present? For her uncle King Edward III was a Nazi sympathizer and collaborator. And now, judging by the behavior of the youngest generation Windsors, being the princes William and Harry; the apple truly doesn't fall far from the tree. How sad.

Prince Edward 2nd Duke of Kent

Prince Eduard who is a member of the British Royal family and carries out royal duties for his cousin queen Elizabeth the second, has been publicly Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, the governing body of Freemasonry in England and Wales since 1967.

The Freemason is a fraternal secret society believed to have originated in the late 16th to early 17th century. They have in their higher ranks members who are part of the elite and the leadership in society. Besides doing good charity work by their lower ranks, they also have their secret agenda being executed by their elite members. It is generally known that this organization would do whatever it takes to achieve its goals. Christian values are not part of their moral code, which is predominantly based on occult believes, practices and rituals, all visible in the symbols they use.

There are other secret societies like the Masonic Knights Templar - not to be confused with the historic Knights Templar organization that was dismantled in the 14th century. Their symbol was a red cross pattée. - that emerged publicly in the 18th century, which also uses the cross pattée as a symbol. In the past a similar cross called the Iron Cross, which could be awarded to people, but was also used as a symbol for the German Army from 1871 to 1918, and since 1955 its the logo of Germany's Armed Forces. The Illuminati founded May 1 in 1776 is also a 'well known' secret society. Although secret societies rival each other, they are all to some extent part of the Masonic World Order, masterminding events that will lead to the establishment of a New World or New Order, the "Brave New World", by Aldous Huxley 1931.

Prince Edward is not only connected with the Freemasons in his capacity as Grand Master, but is also a member of the Order of the Garter. Wondering, is the Order of the Garter, to which prince Charles and his son prince William are members, a secret society in itself, but just not publicly named as such?

Prince Charles of Wales

Prince Charles who made clear in the past that as a king he would want to defend all faiths not just the Christian faith, gave his wife to be Diana an engagement ring with a blue sapphire which is considered in circles of occultism to be the gemstone associated with the planet Saturn, which in turn is associated with Satan and evil.

Had this anything to do with the unhappy life lady Diana had with Charles before and during their marriage that resulted in divorce and ultimately her death leaving her children at the care of their father and his family? Charles as a British royal was content with having his marriage as an image, instead of as a happy and safe home!

Whom passed that way of thinking and life down to him, and did he pas this heritage down to his sons? But wait, don't these people, the royals love their family including those who marry into their family? Of course they do, but they just love their current position and position to be, more! It's the way it was with Charles and Diana, wasn't it? Which brings us to their sons prince William and prince Harry.

But first, two questions. Why is Lady Diana's death still hunting the British royal family, the Windsors? Does her life show she went in her relationship with her husband and the Windsors, through a process imposed on her by them of: assessment, manipulation, detachment? Psychopaths - either borne that way, by medication and or occult practices- modus operandi, method of operation!

October 2012 the BBC and The Independent, amongst other news organizations, reported on a child abuse scandal in England by a celebrity figure with extensive connections to members of the British establishment including prime ministers, such as Margaret Thatcher. This man used his entertainment work at the BBC, his charity work and his connections to gain access to vulnerable children/teenagers to sexually abuse them, even in hospitals, for more than 40 years. While at the same time this child abuser used his celebrity status to mask his activities. He has was also friends with the British royal family, notably of prince Charles as a member of prince Charles' circle of friends. Was this the reason his activities were covered up by the establishment for so long?

Now, whom would want to be a member of such a circle of friends?

Prince Harry of Wales

At the age of 20, old enough to realize what he was doing, he attended a costume party dressed in a German Afrika Korps Nazi uniform with a swastika armband. Prince Harry in Nazi uniform, a racist Nazi? The Nazi regime initiated the second World War that resulted in the death of approximately fifty five million people, and in an unprecedented systematic murder of about six million Jews, whom were not part of the war conflict in the first place. Remember many British citizens died directly at the hands of the Nazis during that war, and part of the generation who experienced World War two and its aftermath are still here. That hurts!

The Nazi ideology is, based on the crimes committed by the Nazi regime world wide, their religious indoctrination and strife to manufacture a super race, not only a racist ideology but above all an occult evil ideology and religion that should not be embraced, but strongly rejected no matter who promotes it. An organization and cult which is still actively rejecting, oppressing and cursing those they hate most, the Jews. Having an utterly disgusting, immoral, occult, criminal way of thinking and life. Being the lowest of the lowest visibly, by their own deeds, still lingering within the minds and life of the members of the House of Windsor!

Back to the question. Is he? Prince Harry later, back in 2005, did however issue a public statement through Clarence House - prince Charles official residence - apologizing for his behavior! And, consider this: prince Harry's beautiful honest work in Lesotho, South Africa. Or was this like so many others do, just image building?! Hopefully not. Prince Harry together with prince Seeiso of Lesotho set up the charity foundation Sentebale - meaning: forget me not - in April 2006. He established this foundation, which is registered in the UK, in memory of his mother Lady Diana to help children in Lesotho. March 2012 prince Harry announced he has plans to expand the charity activities world wide, as the Huffington Post reported. 

Another incident occurred in 2009, when prince Harry called one of his fellow military cadets a Paki, a term considered as racist and unacceptable by the British public and government. Again, a form of racism. Commotion caused around a royal that has an interest in sports and whom is seriously pursuing a military career as Apache helicopter pilot, work for which he seems to be appreciated by the public.

Generally speaking prince Harry presents himself as a military, in fact he is being presented by CNN as the soldier prince, while at the same time he does seem to have an honest interest in supporting charities concerning the military including the veterans. For example, he was present at an event - the recreation of the North Sea epic kayak trip in remembrance of eight Dutch men who rowed from the Netherlands in kayaks and made it to Suffolk to escape the Nazi occupation during World War II, whom were considered war heroes. - while this event didn't receive the same attention by his Dutch royal equivalent at the shore of the Netherlands. And recently he received the Atlantic Council's 2012 Award for distinguished humanitarian for his charitable work - for example the Arctic challenge - concerning the injured military. He is together with his brother prince William patron of the charity organization Walking With The Wounded.

As for the commotion, he did have a military disciplinary hearing and it later emerged that prince Harry personally apologized to his Pakistani fellow officer for this remark! As the Daily Mail Online reported. Was he sincere? At least, in both incidents prince Harry did have the decency to apologize as the BBC reported!

Prince William of Wales

On a photograph taken in 2009 of prince William at the RAF Shawbury in England during his helicopter training, he had his RAF uniform on with in the crest / logo the depiction of the Goat of Mendes. One could argue this is merely part of the uniform he has to wear, but he also had this goat head on his personal name badge on his uniform. This by the way was not the case for his brother prince Harry. 

When it comes to more symbols associated with the occult which satanism is part of, prince William had plenty of those added to his wedding ceremony:
- he, while refusing to were a wedding ring, placed symbolic significance in giving his girlfriend Lady Diana's engagement ring. But then, who would even want to accept such a ring that has an occult meaning and by the way didn't bring Diana much happiness?! And, accepts a man that has no wish to wear your wedding ring (anyone accepting that, sounds really desperate to me);
- he specially commissioned a grooms cake that symbolizes a Beltane cake, for himself;
- he wedded in the same church as his parents, which has a checkers imprint on the floor, one of the symbols of the Freemasonry;
- alongside the ale in the church live trees were placed; in honor of the king of the Wood, the Green man? Who is considered to be the king of the goddess of Beltane / May Day, that is Diana.

The wedding date itself, the 29th of April, is in two ways controversial because of well known historical events on that date and certain feasts around that time. First, this date stands within a period of several pagan, that is none-Christian, feasts in occult circles and satanic holidays. For one, it coincides with the eave of Walpurgus a pagan high holiday. Which itself is the eve of another feast called Beltane or May Day, on the first day of May, which is named after Baal to whom children sacrifices are done. What did the Goebbels' family whom was in Hitler's bunker do on that date?

Secondly it's on that date the 29th of April that Hitler married Eva Braun, only to kill themselves the next day. Magda and Joseph Goebbels murdered their six children by giving them cyanide. Magda worshiped Hitler like a god, so much so that she named all her six children by names starting with an H, and she wrote in her last letter that dying with the Fuhrer was a blessing that she could have never hoped for. The next day, May Day / Baltane she and her husband committed suicide.

Now, for a German royal family who in the past at the time of the first World War was keen in giving up their German name Saxe-Coburg Gotha to prevent associations with Nazi Germany by adopting the name Windsor and later forced king Eduard VIII to abdicated virtually for the same reason, how could they heave possibly missed this. Even more when as they put it in the media, the couple had weeks to choose a date while discussing this with officials at Buckingham Palace, No.10 Downing Street and Westminster Abby. All these people lack knowledge of well known historical facts? Or, spring just doesn't have more than one day for the 'spring-wedding' they wanted? 

Obviously the couple didn't mind sharing their wedding date with Adolf Hitler. And, considering the symbolism visible in their wedding ceremony and the date of choice, they went for the none-Christian feasts. While setting up a Christian Anglican façade? So, a big question mark on especially, because of his job description, prince William's Christian faith and values! Royalty, what else?!

Queen Elizabeth II

The celebration of the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II this year isn't without controversy. For example, the queen celebrates her jubilee at Windsor Castle by having lunch with distinguished world royal guests from several countries on Friday the 18th of May.

BBC News
reported about this celebration while stating the controversies surrounding some of the invited royals who attended the lunch. There were also reports by BBC News about the demonstration of human rights activists at Buckingham Palace, because at least seven of these royal leaders don't rule a democratic country and two of them even violates human rights in their own country. All which is well known to queen Elizabeth and the government of the UK. In an interview of the BBC with one of the human rights protesters Peter Tatchell, he said: "It's very wrong that the Queen has invited seven royal dictators to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee."

Still these controversial monarchs are welcome to celebrate the queens diamond jubilee. The queen and twelve UK royals - including the princes William, Harry and Andrew - gave them a warm welcome, having friendly chit chat with them at lunch. By doing so they, the royal household of the Windsors, put these controversial royals before people's human rights! They also ignore public opinion already well known to them concerning at least one of the monarchs whom as far as the British public was concerned wasn't welcome at the wedding of prince William, although he was officially invited. Later that evening prince Charles hosted a more formal dinner for most of the foreign monarchs at Buckingham Palace.

And on the 6th of June Queen Elizabeth held a lunch, this time for the Commonwealth leaders to celebrate her diamond jubilee at Marlborough House in central London. On arrival of the guests attending the lunch again a crowd of protesters. About 3,000 Tamils and human rights activists protested against the presence of the president of Sri Lanka, whom stands accused of war crimes, at the lunch. How worse, or low can the Windsors get?! 

Of course the Foreign Office - officially called the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a British government department that is responsible for the British interests overseas. - can always be blamed for the discrepancies on the queen's guest list. But, who has the final say about the guest list?!!!

Amids the preparations for the great celebrations in the UK and the Commonwealth of Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee and the hosting of the (exposed) 2012 Olympic Games in London England which are on going - more on the London 2012 Olympic Games, also in relation with prince William - there is still room for another controversy. The queen's jubilee maybe one of the reasons the International Olympic Committee, the IOC, doesn't want to accept a formal request backed by more than 40,000 people to have one minute of silence at the games in England this summer in remembrance of the 40th anniversary - the IOC did commemorate on the 25th and 30th anniversaries - of the terrorist killings of eleven Israeli athletes and coaches at the Olympic Games of 1972 in Munich Germany?

Jerusalem anthem

As for singing England's Jerusalem anthem - not considered to be occult in itself - at prince William's wedding, it's not in honor to the Almighty God nor underlines his plans for his people, the Jewish people including those Christians whom by his grace are grafted in Israel. Why?

This hymn, based on a poem printed at the beginning of the 19th century by William Blake best known today as "Jerusalem", is not about restoring Jerusalem in the land of Israel so that it would stay in it's place as prophecy in biblical scripture (Zechariah 12) makes clear, but it's about building a new Jerusalem in England's green and pleasant land.  Why is the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games called "Green And Pleasant"? The meaning of this ceremony holds, to some, an unexpected answer to this question, that by the way doesn't have absolutely nothing to do with so called world domination by the Israelites.

In the case they would establish a new Jerusalem in England, what did they - remember the British questionable actions at the time of the British mandate for Palestine from 1923 to 1948 - and would they do to the real Jerusalem in Israel?

Jerusalem, the capital city of the State of Israel, nor any place in Israel, never ever received an official visit from HRH Queen Elizabeth II head of state of the United Kingdom for more than half a century now! She does visit the neigbouring countries and other European monarchs did visit Jerusalem as for example Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands whom at the time gave a far of complete speech in the Knesset.

God's commandments

Wouldn't a mix of all these sorts of symbols, rituals and practicing feasts like the ones mentioned earlier, and ignoring human rights by having celebrations with dictators that violates human rights in their own countries, even with all the added royal glit / glam, make their actual personal Christian faith superficial and there for useless? Doesn't their racist - fondness of the Nazi ideology runs in their family to tis day - tendencies undermine their integrity? Where is their honesty and truthfulness in all this? As for the Christian faith and values, rooted greatly in the Jewish faith, that they are supposedly defending - the monarch of the UK is also defender of the faith - what happened to,

1 And God spoke all these words: 2 “I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. 3 “You shall have no other gods before[a] me. .... Exodus 20 (NIV) [a: or beside]

4 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. 5 Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. 6 These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Deuteronomy 6:4-6

36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”
37 Jesus replied: “'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' Matthew 22:36-39

Remember everything a (future) king / queen does is symbolic and an example to the people of the nation they represent. Why is it that under the reign of the Windsors - rulers under this name since 1917 - the British Empire started to disintegrate - which became a fact under the reign of Queen Elizabeth's father King George VI, whom was no longer Emperor of India. - to the extent that now after nearly a century even the United Kingdom is falling apart with Scotland wanting its independence from the UK by 2014? This decades long process of devolution as it is referred to in the United Kingdom is one that Queen Elizabeth herself opposes as people could conclude when she made this clear in her silver jubilee speech back in 1977. The BstrongPrince Edward elite and monarchs once lost the Empire, they are about to loose the Union to?! 

Is all this, apart from Queen Elizabeth's day to day hard work at her job as a queen, up to pnow such a special achievement of the Windsor monarchs, the House of Windsor - the pretenders, through all sorts of legends posing a link between Jerusalem and England, to be of King David's descent - that it calls for a grand celebration, a diamond jubilee in
2012? Where did the Almighty God's blessing go?

As for me they are all forgiven, and hopefully praying for these people to have a deeper Christian faith - they themselves for the public claim they have - so they can actually set a good and honest example for others, isn't in vain for them. May God the Almighty Father forgive and bless the Windsor family! Wouldn't it be a miracle if for at least one of the members of this family God the Almighty Father would really mean
everything to him/her, and visible by corresponding deeds?

Five generations of Windsor monarchs with the third on the throne and two to go. And there is no sign of any of them actually being any different both in their believes and actions  than those who preceded them on that British throne!

People forget that it is the Almighty God who gives his word and authority,
9 ... over nations and kingdoms to uproot and to pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant. Jeremiah 1:9-10 (GNT)

10 “My word is like the snow and the rain that come down from the sky to water the earth.
They make the crops grow and provide seed for planting and food to eat.
11 So also will be the word that I speak—it will not fail to do what I plan for it;
it will do everything I send it to do. Isaiah 55:10 (GNT)

God bless you,


- All links in the articles on this website are meant to provide information to the reader, and not to endorse other peoples' agenda!
- Warning! Do not, I repeat do not seek to know nor practice the depths of darkness, evil, Revelation 2:24-27, Deuteronomy 13:1-4! But be informed, that is in order to not be ignorant.

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